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While our membership is strong its demographics are changing. It is important that we grow and change with it. We are, as a club, growing younger every year in members as we grow older in experience. Even our elders are embracing technology and many have made the jump with this publication to the digital method of receiving it. This short article will introduce you to the next step in that process.

Issuu is an online digital free publishing platform. What issuu offers is the ability to access the content of the uploaded publication on any device. Media outlets like “The New York Times” are partnered with issuu. As a whole, issuu has over 21 million publications. The German Hungarians Monthly Progress is the next one.

In addition, issuu has unlimited storage space that will allow our members access to previous volumes, issues and articles of our great paper. With the 75th Anniversary just five years away, this can be a great tool to keep an archive of our “official organ.”

Those members who receive the newspaper via email will still have access the same way. There will still be a monthly email from the editor with the link to the file. The only difference will be that that link will take you to our profile on, in particular the most current issue. There you can read the paper in the issuu reader. As always the most current Month will still be available on our website at

The members who have paid for the newspaper to be mailed through the US Postal Service will still receive the publication in that manner.

The hope is that this tool can benefit us in keeping a public record and getting the most current social information to you as members through the Monthly Progress!

Michael Fricker

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