A Letter from Robert F. Filippi, Landespräsident

October 23, 2021

United German Hungarians

President Janet Malofiy, dear members, dear guests,

I am honored to be able to congratulate all of you on your 110th Anniversary. One hundred ten years is a substantial slice of history and gives us pause to recognize some of the monumental contributions of so many of the current and past members of the United German Hungarians.

Enjoy your big year, you’ve made us all proud!

What began one hundred ten years ago as the Banater organization here in Philadelphia, mirrored the establishment of similar clubs in Cleveland and elsewhere. Those first immigrants weren’t sure how to report their country of origin. Some put “Austria,” others wrote” Hungary,” while still others entered “Austria-Hungary.” Regardless of how they entered their country on the form, they were ethnic Germans most of whom came from Banat. Although immigration of the early 20th century was interrupted by WW II, the post-war immigrants boosted the club’s activities.

Several generations of Donauschwaben immigrants have contributed to making this event happen. Their commitment has written more than a century of history in Philadelphia. The foundation that’s been laid, based on family values and cultural traditions, is on solid ground. I encourage today’s participants to shape the future by continuing the work of your founders. By channeling the involvement of your younger generation, you will lay the cornerstone of future milestone celebrations.

Our success as a national organization depends on the efforts of everyone here at the United German Hungarians and in our clubs across the US. Let’s commit ourselves to creating a bright future for all “Schwobs” in the years ahead as we work together to make today’s 110th Anniversary a lasting tribute for past and future generations.

In Donauschwaben Unity,

Robert F. Filippi

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  1. Thank you Pres Filippi for those wonderful words of encouragement for the future of all the Schwob clubs. Congratulations to UGH for their continued success

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