What Can you find at www.ughclub.us?

It’s been around three months since we re-launched this website, ughclub.us.

“Moving forward our news, entertainment advertisements, updates, editorials, photos and more will all be available in a timely fashion here…”

from “Progress” Will Continue

I hope that in the time since I wrote that line that we achieved that and will continue to do so. That said, if you have an idea for some article, content, or photo to share, please reach out to me by email (mfricker92@hotmail.com). From here forward this post will highlight some of the content available here maybe you have not seen as of yet.

If you want an update with an email to your email inbox each time we post you can fill out the above form to sign up. This is a free option and open to members, and our friends alike.

The home page is of course where all the latest news articles can be found. If you are on your desktop you will find a righthand sidebar with a search bar as well as a list of links to the various categories of news.

The main navigation under the header shows each of the dedicated pages.

ABOUT US – This page features some overview background about our club. In additions links to various written histories are located here for your review. From the about us page you can also navigate to pages about Ehrenwuerdig recipients, our various communities and our external document archives.

DANCE GROUP – Looking for info about booking our dance group, or maybe joining up for a waltz, polka, or Schuhplattler yourself? Look no further than the dace group page. Here you will find all that information as well as our dancers achievements and links to history of the group and the founding.

SOCCER – We have been playing soccer since 1922 and our club is well known regionally, nationally and even Internationally in Amateur Soccer. This page includes information about the staff of our adult teams, our soccer achievements, a list of individuals in the SEPA Hall of Fame and links to our league the United Soccer League of PA.

ENTERTAINMENT SCHEDULE – We are a social organization. As well as holding traditional events, soccer events, and social events, we also gather together as a group and travel to other clubs events and local , regional and national community affairs. This page you can find lists of all of these as well as links to event news, our Facebook event list, and reviews of our entertainment events.

MEMBERSHIP – Want to come join us? This is the page with all the information, forms, and links to do so!

MONTHLY PROGRESS – From 1946 to 2021 we printed our newsletter on a Monthly basis. While with this new website we moved the print version to be released quarterly, you can find links to back issues, current issues, and contact information for the editor all on this page.

We have been striving to have up to date news, as well as interesting to read and view articles, photos, and content. We have also made a huge effort to expand the number of authors from our membership who contribute. We encourage you to peruse the site and delve into all the news categories, but below we will highlight a few of our personal favorites as a place to start:

BAR & KITCHENThis category features articles about everyone’s favorite things to do; eat and drink! Recipes from the Kitchen of Jenn Lineman have been featured recently alongside tips for some great beverages from Bob Walter and Joe Reiter’s Manhattan Club.

AMONG OUR MEMBERS – What is a club without its members! Our favorite things to write and feature on the website are stories about our members. Here you will find articles for members, about members, by members.

ARCHIVE – This one may seem a little out of the ordinary, but under the category of archive you can see images, documents, videos, and information from our extensive archives. Dive into some visual history of our club all right here!

We hope this information has been helpful and you as our readers find something useful and interesting here at ughclub.us. We can always add more and keep writing new stories for our club.

Have news items, articles or photos to be featured on the website?

Contact the Publicity & Editorial Committee at mfricker92@hotmail.com

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