There’s a Fresh Coat of Paint Over at

We received notice this week from Renée Stein, the webmaster for the Landesverband der Donauschwaben U.S.A. has been updated with a new look and more information.

You can access the website at

As a club our passions have taken us into our own backyards, across the United States and all of our North American continent. At all of these places we have met others like us and forged bonds that grew from our shared traditions in sport, culture, and social relationships. The new website for the Verband includes this brief statement about its goals and purpose:

We are a National Association of clubs and organizations in the United States of America, united by a common heritage. Our ancestors were ethnic Germans referred to also as The Danube Swabians or (Donauschwaben). They traveled to the USA from countries that are today on the Balkan peninsula, Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Croatia and many others.

Together our memberships practice social, sports, cultural, historic and philanthropic traditions in the interest of our shared cultural heritage and community. Music, song, dancing, soccer and food characterize the individual organizations in cities across the country.

Our people are the descendants of German ethnics who emigrated from the German lands to the Danubian Plains of Hungary Many adopted the name “Donauschwaben”, however the members of our club founded in 1910, still refer to themselves as “German Hungarians”. What is important however is not any label but our connections as people.

Take a chance to check out the updated website for the Landesverband. You can find information there about the Board of Directors, the history, upcoming events, and all our fellow member clubs and organizations.

Don’t forget either you can also follow the Verband on Facebook.

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