EPSA Reformats State Amateur Cup and We Don’t Know Why, by Michael Fricker [UPDATED]

In July and August rumors began to circulate that the Amateur Cup* within Eastern Pennsylvania was likely to have a new format this season. The format: a round robin followed by a semi and a final. Eastern Pennsylvania Soccer Association (EPSA) President Ron Burnett confirmed by email on the 3rd of August that the EPSA … Continue reading EPSA Reformats State Amateur Cup and We Don’t Know Why, by Michael Fricker [UPDATED]

Speaking about the 2021-2022 Major Team Season

Jason Karasow , our Major Team Head Coach wrote up an extensive review of the recent season. Along with it he asked a few of our players to give their thoughts. These seemed to me to fit better on their own:

2021-2022 Season Recap: Major Team, by Jason Karasow

It’s difficult recapping our season because we did some really good things, had some disappointing moments, didn’t quite achieve the goals we laid out coming into the season, but had a strong spring which hopefully with be a good foundation for the fall. So, after writing and reading that I guess you could say we … Continue reading 2021-2022 Season Recap: Major Team, by Jason Karasow

Match Report – 12/19, West Chester 3:0 German Hungarians, & a Recap by Jason Karasow

Overall, it was one of the most enjoyable amateur games I've watched in a while. It was played at a very good pace with quick interchange of play and the talent was abundant all over the field. Even though the loss is disappointing there are still a lot of positives to take from the day. This was our first cup final in about 10 years

2021 US Donauschwaben Recap, by Jason Karasow

My goal as a player and now coach is to have the other team come off that field after a U.G.H. win and make a comment like, “Wow, that team is good. No way we could have beat that team.”

Soccer Alumni Reunion 1999-2019

Entertainment Review: On Saturday December 14, our club hosted night to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Major Team’s 1999 USASA Open Cup National Title.  This achievement marked the club’s second National Title in soccer and it as well as the 1965 US Amateur Cup Championship represented on our club logo as a gold star.