Cultural & Schuhplattler Group

The current Cultural Group was formed in 1965 to foster the continuance of the traditional and folk dances of our ethnic heritage. Our group is an accomplished ensemble performing several styles of dance, including Danube Swabian Folk Dances, Viennese Waltzes, Hungarian Czardas, Schuhplattler, and Contemporary Dances. Our Cultural Group consists of adults and children of all ages.

For more information on joining our group, please contact:

Cultural Group Chairman, Emma Walter at

Schuhplattler Group Vorplattler, Alex Blank at

We can provide from two to six or more couples to perform at your festivals, banquets, restaurants, clubs or other events. To arrange a performance please contact:

Michelle McFadden at

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To read more about the history of our dance groups at the links below:


    • Denver, CO—1985: Attended as observers while performing in Vail, for the 4th of July.
    • Milwaukee, WI—1987: Performed “Sud Tirol Edelweiss Laendler,” as an Ehrentanz.
    • Parsippany, New Jersey—1989: 14th place
    • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada—1991: 6th place
    • 🥉Buffalo, New York—1993: 3rd place
    • 🥉Milwaukee, Wisconsin—1995: 3rd place
    • 🥉Newark, Delaware—1997: 3rd place
    • 🥇St. Paul, Minnesota—1999: 1st place
    • Ellenville, New York—2001: 4th place
    • 🥈Philadelphia, Pennsylvania—2003: 2nd place
    • Buffalo, New York—2005: 7th place
    • 🥇Hershey, Pennsylvania—2007: 1st place
    • Toledo, Ohio—2009: 5th place
    • Orlando, Florida—2011: 8th place
    • Sandusky, Ohio—2013: 6th place
    • Milwaukee, Wisconsin—2015: 4th place
    • Buffalo, New York—2017: 4th Place
    • Washington, DC—2019: 4th Place
    • 🥉Atlantic City, NJ—2022: 3rd Place
    • 🥉Sandusky, OH —2023: 3rd Place
    • Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany—2003: 5th place
    • Planegg, Munich, Germany—2008: 6th place
    • Hershey, PA —2007
      • Janet & Sasha Malofiy (Ages 35-49): 1st place
    • Orlando, FL—2011
      • Kristen Reiter: (Ages 13-15) 3rd Place
    • Sandusky, OH—2013:
      • Allysa Reiter & Werner Fricker III (Ages 16-34): 3rd Place
      • Stevie Paul (Ages 13-15): 3rd Place
      • Emma Walter (Ages 13-15): 3rd Place
    • Buffalo, NY—2017:
      • Kyra Malofiy (Ages 12-15): 2nd Place
      • Paul Ulrich Jr. & Janet Malofiy (Ages 34-49): 1st Place
    • Washington, DC—2019:
      • Jakob Hubert (Ages 12-15): 2nd Place
      • Paul Ulrich Jr. (Ages 35-49): 1st Place
      • Janet Malofiy (Ages 50-59): 2nd Place
    • Atlantic City, NJ—2022:
      • Evangeline Noel (Ages 12-15): 3rd Place
      • Nichole Deely (Ages 35-49): 1st Place
      • Janet Malofiy (Ages 50-59): 3rd Place
    • Sandusky, OH—2023:
      • Evangeline Noel (Ages 12-15): 2nd Place

The featured image shows members of our group at the 2022 Landestreffen hosted by the Trenton Donauschwaben at the German-American Society.