Dancing Around: GTV Almrausch Stiftungsfest, by Emma Walter

We couldn’t have asked for nicer weather as we attended the GTV Almrausch 97. Stiftungsfest on Saturday, June 4th, it was a night filled with friendship and dancing. It’s events like this that allow us to pick up where we left off with our friends and fellow Trachtlers.

Schedule – Dance Group 2022

Our group brings German folk dancing not only to the German American community, but to all our friends and neighbors regardless of ethnic background. Checkout our schedule:

Mid-Atlantic Kinderfest – 2019, by Michael Fricker

Entertainment Review: On Saturday, June 1 the Kinder found themselves participating in the 26. Mid-Atlantic Kinderfest hosted by the German Hungarians on the grounds of Trifecta Sporting Club.