All the Details for the 2022 Landestreffen are at

Before we know if the weekend of September 2-4 will be here and so many of us will be descending on the Trenton, NJ area. More specifically we will be at the German American Society (215 Uncle Pete’s Road, Yardville NJ 08691) in Yardville.

The Treffen is a great time for younger generations as well as older generations to come together to celebrate their German culture with food and drink, dancing, and fun times! 

Join us for a one of a kind experience and the opportunity to meet new people and celebrate the German culture!

The Trenton Donauschwaben is one of our fellow German-American organizations but also a fellow member of the Landesverband der Donauschwaben, USA. Trenton was founded in 1956 as a committee to help newly arriving immigrants at that time.

The Treffen this year will be held at the wonderful grounds of the German American Society. This club was founded in 1962 and states their mission is to, “cultivate and strengthen our German-American cultural heritage and traditions, strengthen our family bonds and provide an entertaining and rewarding social and educational atmosphere for our members and guests. We also support the cultural and social needs of our members in a variety of activities and events involving sport, family, educational and social orientation.”

Each year the Landestreffen is a great event that gathers members from clubs across the whole country and from Canada. We have had great experiences attending, hosting in 2010, and we look forward to attending with our friends closer by this year!

All the information you might need to know about the event is available at the informative and well-designed website,