“Progress” Will Continue

Michael N. Fricker editorializes on the history of communication of the German Hungarians, the legacy of the "Monthly Progress," and the redesign of this website, ughclub.us

United in Fun

The German Hungarians have a saying, you make your own fun. It could be extended to read “you make your own fun, despite whatever circumstances might be standing in opposition to what would conventionally be considered ‘fun.’” Recent times have been anything but conventional fun. The thing is, dear friends, if you make your own fun, it does … Continue reading United in Fun

What Have You Been Up To?

It’s been going around that in this social distancing, lockdown, quarantine, & solitary confinement, people are either going to come out fantastic chefs or….with a dependency on alcohol. Some might already be fantastic chefs and we hope none of our members come down with the other option. All jokes aside, not being able to have … Continue reading What Have You Been Up To?

A Way of Life

I know its cliché but most of you reading this have a place, “where everybody knows your name.” Now that you have an NBC sitcom title sequence stuck in your head, let me amend that idea. That place, it isn't so much a place as it is a group of people. The fact is, that … Continue reading A Way of Life

Strength & Unity

For many years we have tagged a lot of the things we do and most of the things we write with the slogan, "Continuing a Proud Tradition!" It has been and will continue to be a wonderful slogan and sentiment for us.    If you read the 75 Years of Soccer history from 1997 you will … Continue reading Strength & Unity

Recording our Story

Each and every year it feels like we get a fresh start and at the beginning of the 12-month calendar.  It is easy to be bogged down in trying to be and do better. We use the past year as an example. Trying harder is not a bad thing but it can be well, hard. Sometimes when I try to … Continue reading Recording our Story

A Look to the Past by Emily Fricker

As I get older, it amazes me how fast time seems to fly. We are now in the year 2014!  It does not seem that long ago that we were beginning the year 2000 and it seemed amazing. Much has happened in these 13 years in the world, in our own lives and in our … Continue reading A Look to the Past by Emily Fricker

The Name’s the Same by Emily Fricker

Many of our members are fathers and sons and have been such over the years.   According to our past presidents list in our 100th Anniversary Book, our sixth president was Michael J. Stumpf. He was president from 1934 to 1936. I do not really know much about him, but he was alive when I was a young girl and … Continue reading The Name’s the Same by Emily Fricker

"Monthly News" Vol. 1 No. 1 1946

A Progressive Move Forward by Ted Kereczmann

In placing this first issue of our “Monthly News” in your hands, we are entering a new and progressive era in our Club’s eventful history My interest during the past fifteen years, pertaining to sport and social activities, gave me ample opportunity to observe numerous inexcusable faults among our sections, as well as among our … Continue reading A Progressive Move Forward by Ted Kereczmann