2024 is Looming but, 2023 Still Has Lot’s to Offer! by Michael Fricker

Sometimes a year can fly by so quickly, before you know it it's almost over! With a little over two months left, however, we have lots of fun, informative and exciting affairs still in store for 2023.

Fest Season: German Hungarians to Entertain at Brauhaus Schmitz Armory Oktoberfest, 10/13-14

This weekend is Brauhaus Schmitz's 23rd Street ARMORY OKTOBERFEST and we will be there Friday. and Saturday!

Dancing Around: Philly is in its Oktoberfest Era!, by Karina Fricker

We may not be “On the Square” today but Karina takes us back to the Street Festival with Brauhaus Schmitz while we wait for September 30th! #oktoberfest

Fest Season: Join us for Bucks-Mont Oktoberfest at VE, and EVTG Delaware Stiftungsfest, all Saturday 9/9

Plenty of options for fest-ing are available this Saturday, and we can't wait for you to Join us!

Dancing Around: HK & U.G.H. Schuhplattlers Entertain at Augustoberfest, by Chris Tokarski

Chris tells us a story about Augustoberfest in MD, yes that's Oktoberfest in August!

Stiftungsfest (Founder’s Day) at German American Society in Trenton, by Anna Martini

On a rather fine Sunday afternoon in mid-August our dance group had the pleasure of performing at the German American Society’s Founders’ Day.  Even the most forgetful among us will recall that this was the location of last year’s Eastern Region Trenton Treffen. Founders’ Day is much like an anniversary dinner and is a “newer” … Continue reading Stiftungsfest (Founder’s Day) at German American Society in Trenton, by Anna Martini