Uns’r Kerweih 2022, by Joe Reiter

Lieve Schwowe, Lieve Leit,
Unser geliebtes Kerweih feiere m’r in Trenton Heit.
Aus dem Mutterland uns’r Vorfahre, feiere m’r diese Traditionen.
Fur unsere Kinner und für alle kommenden Generationen.

Dear Schwowe, family and friends, I am here to say,
Our beloved Kirchweih we celebrate in Trenton today.
From the Homeland of our forefathers we continue this tradition.
For our children and all coming generations, this is our mission.

Die meischte von uns arbeite nimie im Feld,
Aber wir feieren noch immer unser Kerwieh, die scheenste auf der Welt.
Das Land Amerika is shun lang unser Heim.

Alte und neue Traditionen fortzuführen ist unser Traum.
Working in the fields is no longer true for most,
But that we still celebrate Kirchweih, is an achievement we must toast!
This wondeful land America, now our home, we love with our heart and soul.
America, where continuing old and new traditions, is our dream and our goal.

Slivowicz, Juwetsch, Sarma, Grumbiere, und Palatschinken,
Das ist es, was Motr und Vatr gern esse und trinke.
A kalter Bier am Freitag owed, Pizza, cheesesteaks, die sind toll.
Aber a gutes Goulash is besser als Rock und Roll.

Slivowicz, Juwetsch, Sarma, Grumbiere, und Palatschinken,
Those are some of the things our mother and father were eating and drinking.
A cold beer on a Friday night, pizza and cheesesteaks are new foods for the soul.
But a good goulash is better than rock ‘n’ roll!

Liewer Gott, wir danken Dir,
Für die Freunde und Familie, die wir haben hier.
In Trenton, New Jersey, USA, sind m’r alle dabei,
“Buwe was hammer heit?, Kerweih!!!”

Dear God we thank you for the family and friends gathered here.
We know life is precious and for this gift we love you most sincere.
In Trenton, New Jersey, USA, we are all together, you may ask why?
Well very simply put, today is Kerweih!

Joe Reiter, 2022

This speech was written in 2022 by Joseph S. Reiter for the Allgemeine Kirchweihfest held at the Trenton Treffen. It was spoken at the event by couples from a variety of clubs from across the country including our own Sasha Malofiy Jr., and Chrissy Martini.

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