Match Reports – GH 4:1 Phoenix SC on 10/30 (East Penn Amateur Cup)

The Amateur Cup match this past Sunday at Temple Ambler was a great day for the German Hungarians. A 4:1 win over Phoenix is a good day any week, but this crisp fall day just felt better. Jason Pixley and that boot can definitely attest to that!

Goals were scored by Matt Sullivan, Dan Grindrod (2), & John Gravelle.

Photos from the match by Michael Fricker are available here:

Our first Amateur cup match was a draw with Salone FC. The first round match against Erzgebirge was postponed for weather and should take place on 11/13 at the VE.

The Delaware Conference also includes, Phoenix SC, Philadelphia SC, Salone FC & Colonial SC. In the other conference (Schuylkill) the teams are Danubia, Lancaster, Erzgebirge Reserves, Vidas United, West Chester, & Kensington.

Info about the state cups should be available at

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