Major Men to Play in the EPSA State Open Cup Final, Major Women Represent in the EPSA Indoor Tournament

February seems to be the month for EPSA state cup competitions when it comes the German Hungarians this year.

A 2:1 win over the Erzgebirge on 2/25 sent our boys into the final round of the EPSA State Open Cup. Eastern Pennsylvania Soccer named this competition for Frank Giancroce, however the Region I rounds are still dedicated to Werner Fricker.

The Championship Final is set to take place on Saturday, March 4, at Bryn Athyn College against West Chester United. This match is being hosted (like the semi-finals) by the state at the neutral turf site and will kick off at 1pm

The women represented our club well also on 2/25 as they entered two sides into the EPSA Indoor Tournament. Some great photos of the teams are available on Instagram. Congrats to HVAA who came out winning the Tournament this year.

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