WATCH: 2005 – 2008 Christmas Programs

Performances of our Children's Cultural Group at Christmas time go back to the beginning of this group in the 1960s. Many of adult and young adult dancers today were childhood members of the Cultural Group. In the decade of the 2000s, Jerry Lineman took video of our performances at the Christmas Party, added title cards, … Continue reading WATCH: 2005 – 2008 Christmas Programs

New to the Archive: Bobbi-Ann Lineman’s Club Collections

Bobbi has been sharing with me at almost a weekly pace, flash drives with her recent photos. These have been added to the archives in albums by year which will be updated as she sends more! Despite my rather long introduction, her photos speak for themselves.

New to the Archive: The Jacoby Collection

Recently we received a donation of photos and documents from the Jacoby Family, which prompted Michael Fricker to editorialize on our photo archive, and its purpose.

No, We Don’t Have a “Kindergruppe.” by Michael Fricker

I don’t know how many are really familiar with our club By-Laws. What today encompasses our dance groups of any and all ages is outlined near the end of the document under Article XVII. The subtitle of that article is “Children’s Cultural Group.” This article includes six numbered by-laws outlining the purpose, function, and coordination … Continue reading No, We Don’t Have a “Kindergruppe.” by Michael Fricker