“Progress” Will Continue

Michael N. Fricker editorializes on the history of communication of the German Hungarians, the legacy of the "Monthly Progress," and the redesign of this website, ughclub.us

All in a Soccer Sunday

I remember when we sold the property and the building in Neshaminy Falls, a few well meaning, but small-minded folks did not understand why we would do such a thing and even assumed the settlement of that transaction as a death knell for the United German Hungarians of Philadelphia and Vicinity.   I do not seek out these I-told-you-so-moments, but … Continue reading All in a Soccer Sunday

President’s Address – April 2021

We are on our way and I am so happy communicate some good news to all of you!  The news is that we are getting back to what we once called normal with a “Schedule of Events”! 

A Way of Life

I know its cliché but most of you reading this have a place, “where everybody knows your name.” Now that you have an NBC sitcom title sequence stuck in your head, let me amend that idea. That place, it isn't so much a place as it is a group of people. The fact is, that … Continue reading A Way of Life