New to the Archive: Bobbi-Ann Lineman’s Club Collections

Bobbi has been sharing with me at almost a weekly pace, flash drives with her recent photos. These have been added to the archives in albums by year which will be updated as she sends more! Despite my rather long introduction, her photos speak for themselves.

New to the Archive: The Jacoby Collection

Recently we received a donation of photos and documents from the Jacoby Family, which prompted Michael Fricker to editorialize on our photo archive, and its purpose.

“Friday Night Food: A Gathering of Food, Family & Fun in Delaware, by Karina Fricker

"In my humble opinion, one of the best things about chilly winter nights is enjoying a warm meal and even better company." - Karina

A Club Christmas Together, by Michael Fricker

Entertainment Review: Some organizations have a children's Christmas party just for their youngsters, and another or multiple parties for different sections of their club and those all can be nice. I'm happy, and lucky to say that the German Hungarians gather together for one Club Christmas Party where all are welcome, and we all know that our club is strongest when we are all together!

President’s Address – Christmas 2022

"I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our members and families a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, bright, and prosperous New Year." - Janet Fricker Malofiy

Dancing Around: Augustoberfest with HK and DSB, by Michael Fricker

There’s a line a lot of our folks say when we get together especially after weekend after weekend of dance jobs, fests and performance dates. “Why do we do this?” The line is dripping with sarcasm usually and colored by staying up too late, definitely too many beers and the aches and pains of dancing … Continue reading Dancing Around: Augustoberfest with HK and DSB, by Michael Fricker

A Conversation with Michael Fricker (Part I)

"Recently I took some time to talk with my friend, Michael Fricker, about his favorite topic: the United German Hungarians. It's also a topic that, as a new member, I am always interested to learn more about." -Mike Stirm II

Impressions of Gaufest, by Karin Schulz

Three years ago, I met seven members of the United German Hungarians on the cultural trip of a lifetime to Hungary and Romania. Over several meals and many glasses of wine, they told me all about their club and the many events that they participate in. Besides being active with the Donauschwaben, I learned that … Continue reading Impressions of Gaufest, by Karin Schulz

Post Gaufest Reflections, by Janet Malofiy

Our President, Janet Fricker Malofiy reflects on the 28. Gaufest and what it has meant to be a dancer, a club member, and a participant in "Gau" events over the years!

The Beginnings of Tradition (Part II), by Mike Stirm II

As a new member of our Cultural Group, I wanted to learn a bit about the history and how this amazing tradition began.