President’s Address – June 7, 2021

We had hoped to celebrate our 110th Anniversary Gala a few times since March of 2020. Now, we invite you to celebrate with us on October, 23 2021 at the Cannstatter Volksfest Verein in Philadelphia.

President’s Address – April 2021

We are on our way and I am so happy communicate some good news to all of you!  The news is that we are getting back to what we once called normal with a “Schedule of Events”! 

President’s Address – May 2020

So, at this point I pray for the health and safety of all of you and that very soon the day will come where we can gather over food, beverages, music, dance and camaraderie!   

President’s Address – New Year 2020

2019 was a successful year yet a time of transition.  While we continue to host our favorite events and maintain our Club life, we are still settling in on a new role with less responsibility regarding our building and grounds. 

Remarks on our 104th Anniversary, by Bill Galgon

     I am privileged to stand at the podium tonight at our 104th Anniversary for the last time as President of the United German Hungarians.  Three thoughts I briefly wish to reflect upon regarding what drives a social organization and the pride that I feel as one of the current leaders: Community, Responsibility, Opportunity.      … Continue reading Remarks on our 104th Anniversary, by Bill Galgon

A Letter from Werner Fricker Jr., Past President

To the Editor and Members: I wish to congratulate you as well as your assistant and all of the writers and contributors of the Monthly Progress. The “Progress” newsletter is an important part of our club. The articles reporting on the events and happenings in our club as well as the historical pieces have been … Continue reading A Letter from Werner Fricker Jr., Past President

Two Great Weekends by Bill Galgon

After many months of planning for some, weeks of preparation for a few, and two weeks of hard work for all of you, we have finally completed two great weekends in the history of the German Hungarians. We were privileged to host two national events on back to back weekends – the USASA NATIONAL SOCCER … Continue reading Two Great Weekends by Bill Galgon