A Progressive Move Forward by Ted Kereczmann

Theodore Kereczmann
Theodore Kereczmann

In placing this first issue of our “Monthly News” in your hands, we are entering a new and progressive era in our Club’s eventful history

My interest during the past fifteen years, pertaining to sport and social activities, gave me ample opportunity to observe numerous inexcusable faults among our sections, as well as among our members. Therefore, I have always felt if we would have, other than certain social events and meetings, some ways or means of reaching them, we could eliminate most causes of dissension, lack of interest, and lack of co-operation among all of us. The idea of a newspaper of some kind came to me a few years ago when I started to develop the Junior Section, but unfortunately was not able to find enough interest or help to get started. By accepting the position as Chairman of  Entertainment, with Mr. Adam Weber as Secretary, we thoroughly discussed the possibilities of such a newspaper again, and it took little convincing, on our part, to sell this idea to Mr. Bernard Stoffel, who accepted the position as “Chairman of Publicity,” and Mr. Anton Weber as his assistant.

It was indeed a pleasant surprise the way the Board of Directors and the members of each section supported this idea. We now have established our “Staff.” Each section has its reporter, and it is up to them and all of you to send in your little news items, to make our “News” original and interesting. We shall appreciate any suggestions you may care to make. Do not hesitate to write. The success or failure of this “News” depends entirely upon your interest and co-operation. I, personally, believe this “News” will help enormously to bring all of us closer, and enable us to work together harmoniously.

In response to the increasing demand for more entertainment, we are preparing for a real active social season. Entertainments for you, your family and friends.

We are looking forward to greeting you during 1946 at the U.G.H. Hall, and wish you an abundance of good health, prosperity, and happiness.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This piece was originally published on page one, Volume 1, No. 1 of the Monthly News, (The initial name of the Monthly Progress) in January of 1946. It was authored by Theodore Kereczmann and appeared side-by-side with the same column printed in German titled “Vorwärts und Aufwärts.”

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