The German Hungarian Shield (Logo)

The Shield (Logo) is the official graphic representation of the United German Hungarians.  

The official Shield represents the continuation of the Unity of German Hungarians through our traditional values and the organization’s confidence in moving surely into the future.  

The interlocking “GH” represents the United German Hungarians as a people, past, present, and future.  The “1910” Represents the founding year of the organization. The “Keystone”, representing the Keystone State of Pennsylvania, has been a symbol of the organization for many years and will continue to represent where we live, work and come together.  

Collectively the “stars” represent all members of the United German Hungarians and honor their individual and collective accomplishments. The stars also represent national honors, particularly:

US National Soccer Championships in 1965, and 1999 and the Gauverband Nordamerika

Preisplatteln Competition Gold Medals in 1999, and 2007.

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