Congratulations to the Cannstatter V.V. on 150 Years!

An institution in Philadelphia especially the Northeast section, the Cannstatter has been celebrating heritage, serving meals, drinks and holding the three-day Volksfest since 1873. The United German Hungarians are proud to call the folks at the C.V.V. not only fellow German-Americans, and fellow club-people, but most importantly friends! The featured image on this article if … Continue reading Congratulations to the Cannstatter V.V. on 150 Years!

EVTG Stammtisch in 1985

The Enzian Volkstanzgruppe & the Delaware Saengerbund, by Michael Fricker

Now as we work towards the reality of hosting a new Gaufest in 2025, we do it with new partnerships of old friends, and set forth towards making new memories. It is important, that we introduce to our members & readers and learn about our friends from the First State.

The German Hungarian Shield (Logo)

The Shield (Logo) is the official graphic representation of the United German Hungarians.   The official Shield represents the continuation of the Unity of German Hungarians through our traditional values and the organization’s confidence in moving surely into the future.   The interlocking “GH” represents the United German Hungarians as a people, past, present, and future.  The … Continue reading The German Hungarian Shield (Logo)