Cathy E. Ford Inducted into SEPA Hall of Fame

There are many names within our German Hungarian soccer tradition that ring with a certain gravitas when spoken in our parts of Eastern Pa. Cathy Ford is one of them. When names like hers to this day continue to appear on line-up sheets every Sunday they transition from mere mainstays of a team-unit to legends of the game.

Ford began her storied soccer career at age eleven playing for Wissinoming BC in Northeast Philadelphia. From there she played on the very first soccer team at St. Hubert’s Catholic High School in 1978. In 1981 Ford was voted Catholic League MVP. She was also inducted into the St. Hubert’s Hall of Fame.

At Villanova University Ford played on the first Varsity Women’s team in 1983. Graduating in 1986 she continues to hold numerous records within the school including the all-time career records for points, goals and assists. She was inducted into the Villanova Hall of Fame in 2001.

Cathy joined the German Hungarians in the 80s as a player for the women’s team after playing one season at Phoenix. Thus began her dedicated and storied career as a player, coach and administrator of the game at our club.

“Through the 1990’s we had a solid core of leaders on and off the field. We only had a few youth teams during that period in time, but the adult teams, both men and women were very successful. Cathy Ford was one of those leaders,” said former soccer director and manager of the major team Werner Fricker Jr, “This group of managers, coaches, and players worked for a common goal with a common philosophy. Cathy made major contributions which led to our success at that time. As a player she has been disciplined and tough in any match up.  Her tactical and technical skills have given her the tools to teach the game at both the youth, and adult amateur levels. She has a great read of the game. Her dedication to the German Hungarians and to the game cannot be questioned. I congratulate Cathy on her induction into the South Eastern Pennsylvania Hall of Fame.”

Cathy Ford has been invaluable to our game. She has coached dozens of teams at all levels and as a player continues to play on our women’s teams to this day. On Saturday May 10, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Soccer Hall of Fame will hold its annual banquet at the Cannstatter Volksfest Verein.

 Cathy Ford will be inducted that evening. The banquet will take place from 5:00-10:00 pm and tickets are $40.00. You can purchase them through their through their website, Ford was nominated to the Hall by our organization, specifically, Chairman of the Board Steve Paul who has recently taken interest in making nominations on behalf of our club. Thank you Steve for taking this task on!

Being Inducted into the Southeastern Pennsylvania Soccer Hall of Fame, Ford is a player, coach and builder of this game. We are very proud to have her as a German Hungarian and a friend. Even more so we are proud to call her a legend.