“Home Out of State,” by Sasha Malofiy Jr.

On Memorial Day weekend our team and super fans went to the National Donauschwaben Tournament in Akron, Ohio. The tournament is typically held in a different location every year. We have hosted it twice but travelling to the different clubs always makes for a good time.

From meeting new people at the host club to eating the goulash they make, it never disappoints. Of course, the main reason we go is to play soccer and compete to win. However, another reason that is not often talked about is the camaraderie and atmosphere of the weekend.

Each year we look forward to seeing friends from all over the country that we usually only see at the tournament and we always pick up right where we left off. The atmosphere is also very unique. From hearing German music in the background, great competition, and our super fans always getting rowdy during games, it makes this weekend second to none. We can always count on our super fans to turn it into a “home game” for us.

All in all, the National Donauschwaben Tournament is like no other.

Sasha Malofiy Jr.

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