In Memoriam: Karl Heinz “Hoagie” Guckert

The United German Hungarians are saddened to announce the passing of Karl Heinz “Hoagie” Guckert on Saturday, July 24.

In 1965 he was a member of our US National Amateur Cup Championship team. The article in our Monthly Progress after the win boasts, “After dispensation of the formalities, and playing of our national anthem, the game got under way and was quickly put on ice by Heinz Guckert.”

A mainstay of our Major team in the 1960s, he also served his country in the Army and played on the US Armed Forces and CISM teams. Following the end of his playing career Heinz became an avid fan and fiends of our teams and our dance group often traveling with both to events and matches. Every 2 years he also served in an elite unit of our old timers as “BS engineers,” with our club at Gaufest.

Karl Heinz also took part in adult dance groups that performed at Kirchweih and Night in Vienna. In 1973 he aided our membership in rebuilding our clubhouse after the destructive fire. He coached various teams at our club and held a US National coaching license.

Over his years as a member of our club Guckert served on various committees, as Bar Manager, a member of the Board of Governors and received honor pins in 1972 at the 50th Anniversary of Sports and Soccer and in 1997 at the 75th Anniversary of Soccer. In 1980 he was awarded our clubs highest honor receiving the Ehrenwuerdig pin for his dedicated service to our club.

Known to many affectionately as “Hoagie,” he had an ability to make us laugh like very few others and we all as German Hungarians will miss those laughs and the man that caused them so often.

Our prayers and condolences are with Kathleen, their children and families at this difficult time.

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