RELEASE: German Hungarians to Meet Hoboken F.C. in Exhibition Match

HOBOKEN, NJ – The United German-Hungarians of Philadelphia & Vicinity and the Hoboken Football Club of 1912 have announced a friendly exhibition match to take place on August 22, 2021. The meeting of these two historic sides will take place at Laurel Hill Park in Secaucus, New Jersey.

Founded in 1912, Hoboken FC is affiliated with the Cosmopolitan Soccer League, and the NJ Soccer Association. The club is one of the oldest soccer playing clubs in the U.S. and the oldest continually active club in the state of New Jersey.

The United German Hungarians founded in 1910 have played association affiliated soccer since 1922, they are affiliated with the Eastern Pennsylvania Soccer Association, and play in the United Soccer League of Pennsylvania of which they are a founding member.

German Hungarian Head Coach Jason Karasow weighed in on the upcoming match:

“We are really looking forward to taking the team on the road to face Hoboken FC as part of our preparations for the upcoming season. They finished 3rd in NYC’s Cosmopolitan Soccer League Division 1 so we’re expecting a very difficult game.”

This exhibition will mark the first time in recent history that the first teams from each of these clubs meet on the field. Karasow continued:

“Our clubs have a nice relationship and we’ve been trying to pull off this friendly for the last 10-15 years but have never been able to make it work until now. It’s also great to see so many club members joining our 15+ players for the day and will only help continue to improve the personal friendships between our soccer and cultural groups. Hopefully Hoboken is ready for us (both on and off the field!)”

Hoboken F.C. and the United German Hungarians are both known to have robust social memberships and fan sections primed to support their teams and get to know one another. Mikhail Attong, Hoboken General Manager had this to say:

“We’re delighted to reignite this relationship between two deeply historical clubs. It will be an honor for the club members to be part of this match. We know it will be competitive, fun and played in good spirits!” 



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