A Sunday Trip to Brigantine, NJ

A group of members spent this past Sunday, August 15, 2021 on Brigantine Beach in New Jersey.

The call came out for the trip in advance via our club member facebook group and it was nice to see a hearty group able and willing to attend. The ringleaders Bob, Kim, and Emma Walter were there early in the morning setting up shop near 16th street and the Laguna Grill. A few more friends descended the shore later on.

The following folks spent the day together:

Chris, Nichole, & Christopher Deely, Marlene Fricker & Bill Galgon, Werner & Lisa Fricker, Karina Fricker, Werner Fricker III, Michael, Allyssa, and Michael K. Fricker, Wayne Lepp, Sasha & Janet Malofiy, Bob & Kim Walter, Emma Walter, John & Connie Reiter, and Mike Stirm II.

The beautiful weather, a few games of quoits, and the social recreation of a nice group of friends made for a great day.

Reminder for those attending next time: pack a few more beers!

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