Dancing Around: Mercer County Cultural Festival, by Mikaela Malofiy

This past Saturday our dance group was invited to Mercer County Park for their Cultural Heritage Festival! This was our group’s first time back in some years and it was a great day! We were scheduled to dance at 12 noon, and we opened up the festivities! Our group performed a twenty-minute set including all ages of dancers! A Spanish and Chinese group performed after us and it was very interesting to see all of the different cultures perform and show off their costumes and traditions.

The event had many vendors of all ethnicities! It was truly a walk around the world! There were many food trucks as well offering a variety of delicious cuisine! During our time at the park, the crowd was buzzing with excitement for the variety of ethnicities and people were loving all of the cultures! It was a great day at Mercer County Park, and it is always a great experience when we the United German Hungarians can share a part of us with new people!

Mikaela Malofiy

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