2021-2022 Season Recap: Major Women, by Michelle McFadden

Our women’s team ended the Fall strong in second place within the league. Our spring season, we came out with two wins and three losses, placing us fifth in the league to finish. Definitely not the results we wanted overall, but after much discussion with the administration of the team and key players who have been with us from the start, we took the results as they were and focused on growth within the team and evolving with a lot of new and younger players joining the squad. 

Total for the 2021-2022 year, we have brought 6 new players on the field, one of them being a goalie. It has definitely been a transition in learning to be comfortable playing together with that many moving parts. Along with new players, we had a player who’s been with the team since the changeover of admin back in 2016 return from a year and half long injury. Lots of changes, along with the inconsistent schedule of our season this past year definitely made us focus more on our long-term goals then just one season. While winning is always sweet, it’s just as important as focusing on the growth and building of a team. This year we definitely won in that department, as moving forward I cannot imagine the squad without these new players who have already made a great impact on and off the field. 

Michelle McFadden

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