Remarks on 100 Years of Soccer, By Gabe Dwyer

Hello, my name is Gabe Dwyer. I am a current member of the Major Team. I’d like to start by thanking Werner for asking me to speak tonight. It’s an honor to be a part of such a special group of people here this evening.

I’ve been a part of the Major’s group for almost six years now. Before that I was a member of the U23 program from 2013-2017 and prior to that a member of the youth program since 2009.

My family has actually been a part of U.G.H. for close to if not more than 75 years.

My grandparents, the Kempf’s, were members when the club was still in the city, my mom, my aunt, and my uncle continued the tradition throughout their lives, and they’ve now passed it on to me. I want to take a brief moment to thank them for introducing me to such a special place.

So, Mom, Aunt Bett, Uncle Florie, Opa and Grandmom, Thank You!

That is exactly what U.G.H. Soccer has been to me for the last 15 years…an extension of my home, and my family. From late night training on the upper fields, to Saturdays & Sundays in the Stadium, the club served as a second home for me until 2021.

When the grounds were no longer available for us to use, I’ll never forget about a conversation I had with Werner III. Someone was pressing Werner about getting the grounds back, and he replied:

“The Club isn’t the grounds. It’s the People.”

He’s absolutely right. I have met some of my best friends playing for this team. Some of us have played together almost 10 years now. Our time together is starting to reflect our success…2021 National Donauschwaben Champions, appearances in three of the last four State Cup Finals, and consistently strong performances in the United League.

It continues off the field as well. Going on Ski Weekends at Riedlbauers, Union games, getting together for birthdays, or just hanging out to watch the Eagles on a rare Sunday when we don’t have a game.

This group we have is truly like a family.

In closing, I’d like to acknowledge some of the older members of the club beginning these traditions. I’d like to thank the current administration, Werner, and Jay for always making sure we have somehwere to play. And to all the members in my generation, Let’s do our best to continue these traditions through our friendships and our success on the field.

Thank You.

Gabe Dwyer

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