Helena Marano Shines in “The Sound of Music,” by Susi Hartmann

On Thursday November 2, I had the chance to return to my Alma Mater and take in their Fall Musical.  Nazareth Academy once again presented “The Sound of Music” which was last performed there in 2002.  Of particular interest to me, was the roll of Marta von Trapp played this time by Helena Marano.  Helena, along with her parents Joe and Linda, are members of the German Hungarians.  She is 11 years old and has been part of our dance group for many years.  She continues our proud traditions because Helena’s mother Linda was also an active cultural group member.

Marta was the perfect role for our always smiling and very bubbly Helena!  Helena attended Nazareth’s theater camp this past summer, and her instructor noticed what we already knew.  Asked if she sings and if she might know any songs from “The Sound of Music”, her answers to both were YES!  Those answers coupled with her years of dance and performance experience at U.G.H. helped her pass the audition and land the roll of Marta Von Trapp.  From the moment she was whistled on stage by her “father” the Baron, and introduced herself with the famous line, “I’m Marta, and I’m going to be seven on Tuesday, and I’d like a pink parasol”, I was hooked.  Helena was truly meant to play this part.

During the intermission, Joey and I were talking about what we had seen so far.  He commented on how difficult it must be to perform this particular musical because the material is so well known by everyone, and how well all of the actors were playing these iconic rolls.

The entire cast was wonderful.  There were times, during the performance, where you needed to remind yourself that these were grade school and high school students!  Among my favorites were the students who played Maria, Max Detweiler, Mother Abbess, Gretel and of course Marta.

After the show, we waited for our “star”; she was absolutely beaming!  With two performances under her belt and four more to go before the curtain dropped on Sunday, I am positive this will be an experience Helena will not soon forget. 

Susi Hartmann

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