3rd Place in Gruppen Preisplatteln, 1993


BUFFALO, NY – The knot in his stomach tightened. Could it be? The announcer, Marty Hubner, the Gauverband Vorplattler, was saying, “Everybody be very calm!” No screaming or yelling!”

It was Sunday afternoon, July 4th. The winner of the Meist Prize (the group having the most people attending the banquet), Gemeutlichen Enzianer had been announced. Although there is no second prize the announcer felt it necessary to state that the United German Hungarians were runner up with 121 people. There had been a loud cheer! The Weit Prize (the club traveling the farthest), Almrausch, San Francisco had also been announced. Bayern Verein, Newark, NJ had won fifth place and STV Bavaria Cleveland Ohio had won fourth place. Both clubs had danced their winning dance. The Newark Verein had looked very disappointed, but the Cleveland group had seemed happy.

Now the announcer was saying to be calm! “OK…Third Place…UNI..” And the screaming and yelling began…”TED GERMAN HUNGARIANS.”

The knot loosened. “John, Get up here!” John Blank, our President, followed by our Vorplattler, John Reiter walked proudly to the stage to accept the Third Prize Plaque and the Bronze Medals that would be distributed to our Competing Team.

Blank stated, “I just can’t believe it. I want to thank the large contingency from our club that is here today. I want to thank the Gauverband and all the people and friends we’ve met. Thanks for all the encouragement we’ve received. It’s wonderful!”…Read MORE.


1993 Preisplattler Team:

  • John Reiter – Barbara Reiter
  • Frank Schiller – Christine Krueger
  • Joe Reiter – Karen David
  • Sasha Malofiy – Connie Reiter
  • John Blank – Janet Malofiy
  • Bill Simon – Lisa Fricker

  • Marlene Blank, Coach
  • Rolf Stielow – Lynda Buchhalter, Alternates
  • Jack Mattes on Accordion

The top five ranked clubs were as follows:

  • 1st – Gemuetlichen Enzianer, Maspeth, NY
  • 2nd TEV Edelweiss, Denver, CO
  • 3rd – United German Hungarians, Oakford, PA
  • 4th – Schuhplattler und Trachtenverein Bavaria, Cleveland, OH
  • 5th – Bayern Verein Newark, Union, NJ

See all the results at www.gauverband.com

The featured image is the front-page headline from the August 1993 issue of the Monthly Progress.

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