Two Great Weekends by Bill Galgon

After many months of planning for some, weeks of preparation for a few, and two weeks of hard work for all of you, we have finally completed two great weekends in the history of the German Hungarians.

We were privileged to host two national events on back to back weekends – the USASA NATIONAL SOCCER CUP FINALS and THE LANDESTREFFEN OF THE DONAUSCHWABEN OF USA AND CANADA.

People from all across the country and Canada arrived and marveled at how beautiful OUR club is. They complimented our people for how helpful and polite everyone is. They were amazed at how efficiently everything ran.

It has been the hottest summer in more than two decades, with our grounds as dry as a desert, and we were able to keep our fields green. When 1500 people descended on our home, there was not a drop of rain in the forecast although usually we have the threat of rain hanging over our heads for our large events.

We made positive on the spot decisions as issues developed without any disruption to the events. Our guests left satisfied, with a smile on their faces knowing they had a good time at a great club.

I am not a big proponent of blowing our own horn, but, you deserve to walk around with your heads held high and tell everyone who wants to hear, “I am a German Hungarian”.

I wish to thank all who helped in anyway to make these two weekends successful and I want to remind you that our Commemorative Book final deadline has been extended to September 15th; Oktoberfest is six weeks away; and we have a Gala Banquet on November 20th that will be spectacular!

Bill Galgon, President

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