National Donauschwaben Champions, 2011

The German Hungarians kicked off game play of the tournament, on Saturday at 11:00 am, on the major’s field against Akron GFS. The final score was GH 3, Akron 1. Goals were scored in the 3’ by Nick Dundon, in the 17’ by Tony Rod, and in the 45’ by Timmy O’Neill.

After winning our first game the team lunched together, and rested until our second game. In our second game we were matched up against the Mansfield Liederkranz, and the final was 5-1 GH. Goals were scored in the 6’, 15’, & 39’ by Andy Meehan, in the 21’ by Ken Tomczuk, and in the 41’ by Tony Rod.

In the evening the team ate dinner together and enjoyed the camaraderie and fun of the night, but not too much seeing that we had at least 2 games to play on Sunday. (It turned out we would play three).

At 11:00 am on Sunday, GH tied against Cleveland 0-0, and at 3:00 pm GH tied Windsor 0-0. After the game against Windsor, a lot of our players and SuperFans were getting nervous. We had made it to the final without scoring any goals on Sunday!

The final began as a fast paced game against Chicago Grün Weiss. Both teams played exceptionally well even after playing four games in one weekend. The game went scoreless for the entire 1st half and most of the 2nd. A free kick for GH was called and in the 46’ Roman Escobar scored the game winning and only goal of the match.

With the SuperFans in an almost continuous cheer, Jakob, and Evan Hubert, Kyra Malofiy and Avery Papendick appeared on the hill with a club flag and cheered on “UGH” At the End of the game after saying good game to Chicago, The entire team and staff went over to the consultant’s corner to thank our SuperFans.

GH received the traveling championship trophy as well as the one we get to keep from Mike Talan. Captain Jason Karasow spoke, about how we haven’t won this in 21 years, and once again thanked all the supporters and club members alike.

Michael N. Fricker

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