A Look to the Past by Emily Fricker

As I get older, it amazes me how fast time seems to fly. We are now in the year 2014!  It does not seem that long ago that we were beginning the year 2000 and it seemed amazing.

Much has happened in these 13 years in the world, in our own lives and in our club life.  We all know what has occurred in the world and I ask you all to reflect on your own personal life and appreciate the good things.  There are many!

But I am going to reflect on our club life. You will note as you read this article, that even though we have taken up the banner “CONTINUING A PROUD TRADITION,” over the years, for various reasons, some of our traditions have changed or been abandoned.

To greet the year 2000, our Entertainment Committee under chairman, Kathi Noel, offered us a “Sailabration” cruising the Caribbean, Germany and USA.  We cruised aboard the SS Millennium singing and dancing to the music of the Heimatklänge Orchestra. It was a wonderful evening to celebrate an ending and a beginning with family and friends.  The German Hungarians continued celebrating New Year’s Eve in our clubhouse until December 31, 2011 which was the last time we did so.  Perhaps in the future, we will once again celebrate this event.

On March 25, 2000 we celebrated our 90th Anniversary.  Over the years at various anniversaries and celebrations, those interested in the written word have written accounts of our past.  In 1985 at our 75th Anniversary, we published a detailed account of our existence and five years later, in 1990 at our 80th Anniversary, we concentrated on the last five years. It was then decided to publish a book every five years in order to insure that the history of the UNITED GERMAN HUNGARIANS not be forgotten.   We have continued this throughout the years and it is my wish that when we, oldtimers, who made this decision are no longer here, this traditions will be continued!!!

In the year 2000 our Executive Board consisted of President Werner Fricker Jr. (who was also President of the Eastern Pennsylvania Soccer Assoc. 1990-2002), Vice President Andrew J. Weyershaeuser, Secretary William Galgon, and Treasurer Michael Wagner, who had been elected in 1998 and had been reelected in March of 2000 and 2002.  Board of Governors consisted of Chairman Werner Fricker, Heinz Guckert, Jim Pack, Joseph S. Reiter, Marlene Blank, Claudio Tovaruela, Anna Ehling, Emily Fricker, Al Nothum, Andrew Weyershaeuser, Steve Brenner, Lou Fruehauf, Julius Menhardt, John Reiter, Dennis Wilfong and Honorary Life Board Member John Weber.

Now in the year 2014 our Executive Board consists of President William Galgon (elected in 2004), Vice President Andrew J. Weyershaeuser, Secretary Janet Malofiy, and Treasurer Michael Wagner.  Only four of those in 2000 remain on the Board of Governors. The Committee Chairmen have changed over the years although many remain chairmen of various committees or are now committee members.  Our three Auxiliary Groups were as follows:  Andrew J. Weyershaeuser, Soccer Director (still remains in this position now in 2014); Women’s Auxiliary Chairman Anna Ehling (retired from this position in 2007 and Connie Reiter was appointed and continues to today); and Janet Malofiy Chairman of Cultural Group until 2012 when Susan Hartmann took this position).  Of those mentioned above John Weber, Werner Fricker and Julius Menhardt have passed away.                    

At the 90th Anniversary Banquet on March 25, 2000 we celebrated the winning of First Prize Plattling of our Schuhplattler Team consisting of John Reiter and Karen David, John M. Blank and Janet Malofiy, Sasha Malofiy and Susan Hartmann, Rolf Stielow and Lisa Fricker, John Hubert and Connie Reiter  with Bill Simon and Chris Tokarski as alternates;  Marlene Blank as Coach; and Jack Mattes as Accordionist.  This prize was won at the 17. Gaufest, July 1 to 4, 1999 in St. Paul Minnesota.  At the 18. Gaufest in 2001, our prizeplattling team placed 4th.In 2003 as we hosted the 19. Gaufest in Philadelphia, and we placed 2nd and were invited to Ingolstadt, Germany to compete at the “Bayerische Loewe” and placed 5th. 

In 2005, always building toward the future, we added twenty three year old Michelle Galgon, seventeen year olds, Werner Fricker III and Alex Blank and sixteen year old Dan Galgon to the Preisplattling team of seasoned veterans, John, Lisa, Rolf, Susi, Ed, Karen, Janet and Connie.  Since 1993 we had placed in the top four.  Now we placed seventh.  In 2007 at the 21. Gaufest in Hershey, PA, our Prizeplattling team of John Reiter and Connie Reiter, Alex Blank and Janet Malofiy, Rolf Stielow and Susi Hartmann, Werner Fricker III and Lisa Fricker, with alternates Bill Simon and Karen David, Dan Galgon and Nichole Blank, Maria Antoniak as accompanist and Marlene Fricker as coach won First Prize.  Janet and Sasha Malofiy won First Prize in the Einzelplattler.  This group prepared for a trip to Germany in 2008 to again compete for the “Bayerische Loewe” where they placed sixth. In 2009 at the 22. Gaufest in Toledo, Ohio the team placed 5th and in 2011 in Orlando, Florida at the 23. Gaufest, they placed 8th.  Since 2005, the group slowly changed from the original seasoned veterans to new young and talented dancers and in 2013 at the 24. Gaufest in Sandusky Ohio, the group of eight young dancers, all under age 25 competed and placed 6th. Werner Fricker III and Allysa Reiter placed third in their age group of einzelplattlers and won a bronze medal. Steve Paul placed third and Emma Walter placed third in the youth Einzel and both received pins.   It was also announced that our club would place a bid to host the 26. Gaufest in 2017.  This bid will be made in May 2014. Our understanding is that another club is also making this bid.

In 2000, at the same banquet we also celebrated the winning of the USASA Open Cup Championship by our Major Soccer Team – Mike Curley assistant coach (now Head Coach), Kurt Schmidt, Bob Wilkinson (Coach), Pat McCallion, Alex Peev, Ed Woehicke, Harold Ivery, Pat Morris, Cesido Colasante, Robert Henes, Ray DeStephanis, Paul Centofanti (Captain), Joe Veneziale, Dave Steinbach, Terry Malone, Rich Million, Mark Eckert, Josh Viel, Chris Bohn, Andy Barrett, Dan Murtagh, and Dan Ryan.  This occurred in St. Louis, Missouri on July 16, 17 and 18, 1999.  In the year 2000 our Major Team won the Inter County League Championship and in 2001 they won the Amateur Cup Championship of Eastern PA while the Senior Women won the Region I Open Cup Championship and traveled to the National Finals in July.  Our Women’s Soccer Team had been in existence for twenty five years.  In the past five years they had made great strides winning fourteen consecutive state titles and numerous league championships under team coach John Koschewitz with Andy J. Weyershaeuser as manager and Walt McClinton as advisor.  The team won the Region I Amateur Title for 2002 and were runners up and Silver Medal winners of the US Amateur Soccer Association’s Amateur Cup losing to the St. Paul Blackhawks of Minnesota at the National Finals in 2002. We now had a Major A and a Major B team who were competing in the league and cup games.  We had fifteen adult and youth soccer teams playing in league, indoor and cup competition.  In 2004 our Senior Women traveled to Florida to compete in the US National Open Cup as a “Wild Card Team,” and lost to a strong California team. 

Over the years, our club has been the host to many soccer events.  We have often hosted the Region I Soccer Cup Finals most recently in 2010 and the USASA National Soccer Cup Finals in 2000, 2002 and 2010.  After returning to play in the United Soccer League, our Major Team won the Championship of the United Soccer League for the seventeenth time in 2010).  The team also finished as finalist in the East Pa US Open Cup and as Semi-Finalist in the Region I Open Cup.  Major Team Coach is Mike Curley and the manager is Werner Fricker III who also serves as General Secretary of the United Soccer League (elected in 2010).  Major Captain was Jason Karasow. Team members were:  Brian Blesi, Brian Bowers, Blair Carson, Dave Castellanos, Sanaldo Carvalho, Kevin Coleman, Jim Davis, Zak Fayer, Matt Hemberger, Jason Karasow, Ben Marucci, Andrew Meehan, Ptah Myers, Tim O’Neill, Jeremy Ortiz, Tony Rod, Kevin Sherry, Dave Straub, Ryan Tadley, Eric Talbot, Ryan Tarrant, Ken Tomczuk, Will Thornton, and Andrew Weyershaeuser.

In addition to the Major Team, the club operated the Ultra Men’s Team, the Premier, Over 30, Under 23, Fury Major Women’s Team and Dragon Women’s Team. 


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