Janet Malofiy Elected President & Will Take Office April 1

     At an organizational meeting of the Board of Governors following the completion of our Annual General Membership Meeting on March 2, 2014, according to our constitution, the Board of Governors elected the following members to the expired terms of the Executive Board: 

President – Janet Malofiy

Vice President – Andrew J. Weyershaeuser

General Secretary – Nichole Deely

Financial Secretary – Michael Wagner


     Janet Fricker was born in Abington on July 11, 1967, the daughter of Werner and Emily Kredler Fricker. Her sister Marlene was age nine and her brother Werner Jr. was age six. The family lived in Horsham, PA. After attending nursery school in Fort Washington, Janet attended Kindergarten in the Hatboro-Horsham School System; grades 1 to 8 at St. Stanislaus School in Lansdale; and grades 9 to 12 at Lansdale Catholic High School. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication/Business from LaSalle University.

     She is of German Hungarian ancestry as all her grandparents were born in Banat in Hungary. Her father was also born in Banat but during the time the region was Yugoslavia.      

     Janet has been an active member of our club since age six when she joined the Cultural Dance Group. She has always loved dance and has studied various dance forms under Adele Lehman, Marlene Fricker and Marilyn Budzinsky. She is an avid Schuhplattler Dancer having been a member of all our Prize Plattling Teams from 1989 to 2013 when we decided to have our younger dancers compete. Janet was on the team winning first place in 1999 and 2007.  She and her husband Sasha also won First Prize in the Einzelplattler in 2007. She still dances whenever needed.  Janet was a performer in all the Kirchweih shows from 1982 to 2001 often successfully performing with one of the boys a la Fred and Ginger. Janet was Chairman of the Cultural Group for fourteen years from 1998 to 2012. It was under her chairmanship that many of the children and youth dancers became active as Schuhplattler Dancers.

     She began playing soccer on our girls team at age 11 and continued for five years enjoying the game very much.

     Having interned during her college years at Fox Channel 29, she was employed by Radio KYW for about two years and then began working for her father at the offices of  Fricker Corporation. Later she became a hostess for the Homestead Restaurant later working as the Banquet Manager and then the Restaurant Manager. She did this job for over ten years. During this time she also taught dance at Marlene Blank School of Dance. 

     Married in 1992 to Sasha Malofiy, they have three children, Sasha Jr., age 20, Mikaela, age 17 and Kyra, age 11. Both Sasha and Mikaela are involved in both our Cultural and Soccer Programs and have been since an early age.  Kyra, not a soccer player, is a member of our Cultural Group and enjoys cheer and dance at Bux Mont.

     Janet also worked part time in Macy’s Jewelry Department, Julies Steak House and at Marketing Systems where she now works full time as an account manager.

     She has served on many special committees at our club and has been the General Secretary on our Executive Board for approximately 8 years during which time she also served as the Cultural Group Chairman and worked with the Rental, Catering and Kitchen Committee. In 2012 she became the official Rental, Catering and Kitchen Chairman.

     She assure us that she looks forward to the future serving as our president and invites all to work with her to help our club achieve success.