A Letter from Werner Fricker Jr., Past President

To the Editor and Members:

I wish to congratulate you as well as your assistant and all of the writers and contributors of the Monthly Progress. The “Progress” newsletter is an important part of our club. The articles reporting on the events and happenings in our club as well as the historical pieces have been written with professionalism and care. They are informative and fun to read. Thanks to all who contribute.

Recently I had the chance to travel to Connecticut for the Mid Atlantic Jugend Einzelplatteln Competition.

I am sure more will be written about his event. I wanted to say that I was very impressed with the performance of our young dancers. While our kids won several honors, it was something else that was more impressive to me. That impression is of pride in seeing how they represent themselves as individuals and as members of a special club. They respect each other, and they look out for each other. They also carry a sense of responsibility to act in a manner that earns the respect of others. I am always proud to be with them. Our programs for young people need to be more than just winning and teaching the dance or the game. They need to be about developing young children into good people. On the visit to Connecticut I give our leaders and our young people a GRADE A!

Werner Fricker Jr.

Past President

United German Hungarians