Introducing Michael Fricker by Emily Fricker

Our new president, Janet Malofiy, has appointed Michael Fricker to be the Editorial and Publicity Chairman beginning April 2014.

Michael was born on December 21, 1992 in Abington, PA and is the second son of Werner Jr. and Lisa Hartmann Fricker. Big brother Werner III was four years old at that time and their sister Karina was born in 1997. The family lives in Horsham.

Like his brother and most of his cousins, Michael attended Supplee Nursery School in Maple Glen and grades K to 8 at St. Catherine of Siena School. He graduated from Lansdale Catholic High School and is presently in his Junior year at Temple University.

Michael was fortunate to grow up in the same development as his cousins, the Blanks and the Malofiys and they have developed deep and hopefully lasting relation-ships. Their involvement at the club and their work together not only in the Cultural Group but in various other areas with all their club friends has helped Michael to be an interesting writer.

Although Michael has worked on the “Progress” since age 14, it is only recently that his insight into both the past and the future of our organization has developed. He realizes that it is important to remember the past but he knows that it is important to work now for the future and that the future of the German Hungarians is important both as a people and as an organization. Michael is an avid writer who enjoys creative writing both in fiction and non-fiction. He enjoys working the internet (Sorry, but I am not aware of all the recent terminology. I know there is a facebook???)

As a member of our Schuhplattler Group he has competed in both Mid-Atlantic Einzelplattler and Gaufest Einzelplattler. He also enjoys dancing at the yearly Danube Swabian Landestreffen. A friendly, outgoing man, he has made many friends throughout the Gauverband and the Landesverband. He especially enjoys dancing with the German Hungarian Dancers.

Michael played soccer as a young boy at the Horsham Soccer Club and has always been interested in the game. He is presently on the committee working with the Major Team as the Press Officer. But he really is a “jack of all trades” for the team. He has also recently gotten involved with the Steuben Day Observance Association and does some publicity and writing for that group.

Michael is also of German Hungarian ancestry. All his great grandparents were born in Banat, Hungary while both his grandfathers were born in Banat, Yugoslavia and his maternal grandmother was also born in Banat, Roma-nia. Because of his ancestry, Michael has become interested in the history of these people. I feel that we are all in for some interesting reading in the months and years to come as Michael treats us to his unique and clever stories. Congratulations, Mike and good luck!!!


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