Theresa and Frank Kirsch at the Ground Breaking 1965

German-Hungarians: UNITED as one Club, by Michael Fricker

For our club, being a dedicated part of the whole is not only freeing, but it has allowed continuity to flourish all together as one. There is a beauty in that particular kind of order.

An Jolly Affair in Delaware

A small but jolly group of our members attended the Enzian Volkstanzgruppe 53rd Stiftungsfest on Saturday, September 11th at the Delaware Saengerbund in Newark, DE.

Jugend Einzel Workshop, a Strong Youthful Showing, by Karina Fricker

Entertainment Review: From the looks on the faces of the children on that July 20, it is evident that the future in schuhplattler in the United States is and will continue to be strong.

“Progress” Will Continue

Michael N. Fricker editorializes on the history of communication of the German Hungarians, the legacy of the "Monthly Progress," and the redesign of this website,

Map: Homeland

This shared map was created by Werner Fricker Jr., as a way to mark the areas of Europe where our members and friends hail from. This is a work in progress. Please feel free to reach out to us with any corrections or additions.

Strength & Unity, by Michael Fricker

For many years we have tagged a lot of the things we do and most of the things we write with the slogan, "Continuing a Proud Tradition!" It has been and will continue to be a wonderful slogan and sentiment for us.    If you read the 75 Years of Soccer history from 1997 you will … Continue reading Strength & Unity, by Michael Fricker

Recording our Story, by Michael Fricker

Each and every year it feels like we get a fresh start and at the beginning of the 12-month calendar.  It is easy to be bogged down in trying to be and do better. We use the past year as an example. Trying harder is not a bad thing but it can be well, hard. Sometimes when I try to … Continue reading Recording our Story, by Michael Fricker

Major Women win EPSA State Championship

“We have that element of surprise on our side. That element of surprise combined with tested, tried and true club support at our back provides a foundation for seasons to come.” -Michelle Paul, Captain In just the last issue, Captain of our Major Women, Michelle Paul gave us an overview of a team with mostly … Continue reading Major Women win EPSA State Championship

Introducing Michael Fricker by Emily Fricker

Our new president, Janet Malofiy, has appointed Michael Fricker to be the Editorial and Publicity Chairman beginning April 2014. Michael was born on December 21, 1992 in Abington, PA and is the second son of Werner Jr. and Lisa Hartmann Fricker. Big brother Werner III was four years old at that time and their sister … Continue reading Introducing Michael Fricker by Emily Fricker