Major Women win 2017 EPSA State Championship, By Michael Fricker

“We have that element of surprise on our side. That element of surprise combined with tested, tried and true club support at our back provides a foundation for seasons to come.”

Michelle Paul, Captain

In just the last issue, Captain of our Major Women, Michelle Paul gave us an overview of a team with mostly new players, but still wearing the historic symbols and colors of our club. She told a positive and forward thinking story about a team with no where to go but up and a determination to get there. In a short time this team achieved a success of recognition in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Yes maybe they had some element of surprise, and they certainly had club support, but they also worked together as a team to win when they had to win to move forward and eventually take the title and bring home the cup!

We at the German Hungarians pride ourselves in traditions and their upkeep, and we recognize the great foundation we stand on as an organization. There are many footings in that slab and we still add some here and there. The Major Women added one this weekend. While a success is never a reason to rest on your laurels, it can be part of that foundation that Michelle told us about. We hope as a club that these players, and staff, and their supporters use this win as a base to build future successes on. We hope that with tested, tried, and true club support, our team will continue our proud traditions in every thing they do.

Michael N. Fricker

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