Among Our Members – May-June 2017

Our Women’s Auxiliary has been busy.  They take care of our monthly Schnitzel Night with the help of some of our men and naturally many of the women and some dancers of our Cultural Group. They also support other German American clubs by attending their events.  We attended the Donauschwaben Penny Party in March, the V. E. Fashion show and Luncheon in April, the Cannstatter Frauen-Verein’s Mother’s Day Luncheon in May, and the Phoenix Ladies Auxiliary Annual Fashion Show and Dinner also in May. The Women are also members of our various Boards, Executive Board, Board of Governors and Committee and Group Chairmen. More about this group in a future edition.

Happy Birthday to Kim Walter who recently celebrated her 50th birthday among family and friends and especially to her son Nick who celebrated his 21st!  I noticed that there were a few other familiar names on facebook celebrating around the same time.  Can’t remember them all but Happy birthday to all, especially Taz Beecher Kelly and Ann Truppay. 

More babies have arrived!  Charlotte Eleanor was born on April 25 to Brianne and Dan Galgon.  She has already been at the club a few times and is just beautiful as all babies are.  The family is very active in various areas of our club and it looks like Charlotte will be too.   The family lives in Southampton.

Avery Rose was born on May 1 to Kelli Kilpatrick and John Blank Jr. Marlene Fricker has already been out to visit her new granddaughter and is just thrilled with the new little one. It will be a while until this darling little baby will come to our club as the family lives in Vail, Colorado.  Avery will probably be skiing before she visits our area.

A wonderful little boy, Sean Bowers, the first great grandson of member John Stefany, was born to John’s granddaughter, Christine Bowers and her husband, Liam.  The Bowers family lives in Abington and we invite them to visit our club.

 Alexander Michael, who get’s the prize for a full head of dark hair, was born on May 28 to Stephanie and John Zygmont. Congratulations to all!  Although this is Stephanie’s first child it is John’s third son.  The family lives in Horsham.  There were some beautiful photos on Facebook of the Zygmont family, the three brothers and Mom and Dad.  Grandpa Michael Wagner, our Treasurer is also very proud.

Reese Piccone was born to Michelle and her husband Shannon Piccone on Mother’s Day, May 14.  Michelle is the daughter of Kathy (Serwo) and Ken Durning. Kathy is a former Cultural Group member and she is also the daughter of Katherine and the late Paul Serwo.  The Piccone family live in Allentown

Ava Pearl arrived early, on June 2 to Jodi and Ed Galgon, just in time to get her name in this newsletter with all the above babies.  Ava and Mom doing well and arrived home on Sunday in time to miss cousin Charlotte’s Baptism celebration and a baby shower for Jodi.  The family lives in Lansdale.                

We congratulate the Galgon, Harris, Kilpatrick, Blank, Fricker, Bowers, Stefany, Buerger, Wagner, Zygmont, Piccone, Serwo, Crouthamel and Galgon again, families and anyone I skipped who is related to these new babies.  We can’t wait to meet them all!

Magda Paul’s grandson Christopher Paul and his wife Wendy recently made a surprise visit to Magda.  Christopher is the son of Magda’s son John and the nephew of our Vice President, Steve Paul. The young couple reside in California and needless to say Magda was more than pleased to see them.    

Last month we mentioned that Christopher Deely who is now age 8 and has recently made his First Holy Communion is involved in sled hockey. His team played in a tournament in Massachusetts and came in second place.  Christopher proudly wore his medal.

Matthew Proll had his Holy Communion Party at our club on April 30. All his family and friends had a good time enjoying the fun and food.  We congratulate Matthew!

Mitzi and Jimmy Pack recently visited our area attending our May Schnitzel Night and the Alex Meixner Night.  They both look well and healthy. We wish them both good luck and happiness.

Gabriel Dwyer, of Glenside, grandson of Anna and Florie Kempf, and Sasha Malofiy, Jr. of Horsham, both recently traveled with the soccer team and fans to play in the Landesverband Soccer Tournament in Mansfield, Ohio. Gabe recently graduated from Immaculata University with a degree in Mathematics and a Certification in Secondary Education.  Sasha recently graduated from Philadelphia University with a degree in Business Marketing & Advertising. We congratulate both boys and would like to hear from any other recent graduates in our Soccer or Cultural Programs.


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