In Memoriam: Alois Fruehauf



Alois ‘Lou’ Fuehauf died at age 86 at his home on February 24, 2018. Lou was born in Miljanovac, Yugoslavia to the late Anton and Albina (Patek) Fruehauf. He is the husband of Erna Fruehauf (Zibulski); the father of Alfred (Lynne) and Erwin (Charlene); the grandfather of Erich, Bradley, and Chase Fruehauf; brother of Leopold (Rosina) Fruehauf; and dear friend of Erika Calciu. 

Lou’s funeral mass took place at St. Albert the great Church in Huntington Valley and his burial took place at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Cheltenham.

An Organization such as the United German Hungarians is developed and cared for by its members over many generations. From the time Louie Fruehauf arrived in America he became a part of that development. Louie was instrumental in the founding of our modern youth soccer program. He guided it, directed it, and organized it for many many years as it’s first Coordinator. He also coached many of the teams with much success. In soccer he was also impactful outside our organization when he, with others, founded the United Junior Soccer League .

Louie served our club as a member of the Board of Governors for a time as well. It’s important to note that not only was Fruehauf a man that worked deeply in the trenches of the club and in soccer, he was the kind of social member every club wants to have. Right up to the end he attended every event that the German Hungarians held. Banquets, dinners, the Kirchweihfeste, the Christmas Parties, and many more. He also attended the events at other clubs in our community. We as members and as his friends think back on him now as someone that was always there. He was always at the club. If you went to the club for an event you knew Louie Fruehauf would be there. Sometimes we reserve a title for a few of our folks like Alois Fruehauf, when we say that he was, “Mr. German Hungarian,” and we will miss him.

Erna Fruehauf, Lou’s wife, died Saturday, March 3, 2018 at her home. She was 82 years old and passed a week to the day from her husband’s passing.

We wish deepest sympathy to the Fruehauf Family.

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