Strength & Unity, by Michael Fricker

For many years we have tagged a lot of the things we do and most of the things we write with the slogan, “Continuing a Proud Tradition!” It has been and will continue to be a wonderful slogan and sentiment for us.   

If you read the 75 Years of Soccer history from 1997 you will see a word that appears over and over again in each section of the account. The word is “continue,” or the variations of it and the document ends with a thought that was adapted and spread to the entire organization.  

“We have made many contributions to amateur soccer. As we proudly bear the name UNITED GERMAN HUNGARIANS, we are…Continuing a Proud Tradition.” 

At this time of transition many things may change about what and how we do, but they will change for the better and all the while the traditions continue along. That is why we have made the changes we have made. Continuity is important in that it has propelled us this far. Through every change the organization and the people have made through over 100 years we have maintained a continuity of who we are and the things we do, together.  

Togetherness is another necessary part of this whole grand experiment we call club life. Thriving as an organization we need to stick together, truly as a family. We also need to work together as a team and a unit. I want to share with you something that Frank Kirsch wrote in his address for the “Gala Festivities Celebrating the Grand Opening of our Modern Club Facilities,” in 1966. 

“I would like to express my personal thanks to the Officers, the Ladies Section, the Soccer Teams, the various committees and members who have aided in this Building Program. Let us remain ‘UNITED’ for in Unity there is Strength.  

Your President, FRANK N. KIRSCH.” 

In unity there does lie strength. In fact it was a popular sentiment around this time. It appears another time in print in this same souvenir book. Rudy Rack takes it further stating that we have “proven that in unity lies strength, and that determination achieves accomplishment.” 

Today we need to stride forward keeping in mind where we have been but always looking with enthusiasm to what is coming next. Now is the time when we will take on a new Building Program. This one will be built not with bricks and mortar or nails and hammers but with people as German-Hungarians and traditions in realms of culture, sports and social recreation. I have deep faith that the United German Hungarians will continue our traditions and the key to doing so lies in building a band of members that are strong because they are united. 

Michael N. Fricker

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