Speaking about 109 Years!


In preparing my toast this evening, I came across a saying:

“If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, but never the goal.”

This struck me as a fitting description of our club’s metamorphosis over this past year.

Article two of the United German Hungarian Constitution states:

“The purpose of this organization shall be to serve the welfare of its members and the general community, in the realms of culture, social recreation, and sport.”

For many years, the pursuit of these goals was intertwined with the needs of business and facility management. In order to ensure that the goals of the German Hungarians continue to be fulfilled, the decision was made to disentangle these operations.

I want to thank our club leadership for facing these challenges head-on and making the tough decisions necessary to ensure the continued success, health and growth of our organization.

Please join me in a toast. To our past, our present and our future – may we always be continuing this proud tradition!


Chris Deely, Master of Ceremonies


Gutten abend meine Damen und Herren. Wir gratulieren die United German Hungarians an ihren 109 Anniversar und danken ihr für die Einladung. Ich glaube, dass ich für alle spreche, wenn ich sage, dass wir so dankbar sind, eine so stark Verein in unsere Nähe haben.

It only takes one conversation with any member of this wonderful organization to understand just how much they value tradition, and are proud of their heritage. Between their lineage of dance, soccer, and everything else German and Hungarian, everything done here, is done with passion, and out of homage to those who have paved the way. As a court, we wish your organization continued success and appreciate all you continue to do to support the German community in the Philadelphia area. Danke.

Paxton Beck, Miss German-America


I would like to welcome you and sincerely thank you for celebrating our 109th Anniversary with us here at the German Hungarians.

As a little girl I spent a lot of time at the club, in the dance group, playing soccer with a group of girls of many ages (because we did not have enough girls to field more than 1 team – it was the early days of girls soccer) attending soccer games every Sunday.  Sundays were classic – church in the AM, then all dressed up and to the club for soccer; and then into the clubhouse for dinner and drinks.  It was an all-day affair.

I never imagined my future without the club because that was not really an option but I also never imagined that I would continue as such an active member as a teen, young adult and then to become more involved over the years.  I think the path is different for everybody. I often say – if an opportunity is presented to, you open the door and take a look around.

This past year has been one of excitement, joy, celebration and change.  But, it has been a good year indeed.  When I was a little girl back in 1973, my parents took our family to Germany with the Club.  It was the “Trip of the Century” and as a little girl, I still have some of the best memories from that vacation.  After participating in a festival in Lorch Waldhausen, that event led to the Three Day Kirchweih Festival in A tent at the German Hungarians.  What a great run that was!  This all came out of that trip.  You never know what something will lead to and it was our current leaders at that time that made it happen. 

I never expected to go back to Germany as an adult with the club again – I probably never really thought about it.  But since that time in 1973 – As a club – we have been back several times, in the past ten years or so.  It was always an invitation to an event or an umbrella organization that created this opportunity for us.

This past summer we had the privilege once again to go to Germany making some other stops along the way.  I personally had the opportunity to dance in the Einzel Preisplatteln at the Bayrischer Loewe and along with all the other women from the United States, we took the top five in the age bracket!  Kyra also took the fifth position in the Einzel Platteln in her age bracket dancing with a boy from Denver – pretty cool!  We performed an Ehrentanz, loaned some girls to a few neighboring clubs and our young men carried our flag proudly (in the sun and heat) in a parade in the quaint town of Haldewang in Bavaria.  The people along the parade route could not tell which Clubs were from Germany and from the U.S.  For Americans and the German Hungarians I must say, not too shabby!

Again, as a little girl I did not dream that I would go to Germany again with my brother and sister and our friends and better yet to be able to go along with all of our kids on all of these different trips.  Each trip and experience has been fabulous.  Meeting new people, clubs, and making new friends always opens another door.  This summer we will send a small group to Hungary with the Donauschwaben Verband. Initially we were not going to participate. So many trips, so little time, but this will be the first time we go as a Club to this region where many of our families came from.  I expect this to lead to a future trip.

All of you here today are club people and either directly involved here at the German Hungarians or at one of the other great local clubs.  So, you know the feeling, and you know what this is all about. 

It is important to be well rounded and to experience different people, activities and organizations.  Whether they are memories you have as a child or memories you have raising your children in different activities.  Not always, but in many organizations, involvement is for a period of time—or for a cup of coffee as I like to say. One thing is for sure; however, what you have at the club can be forever. Our door is always open, we invite new people to come in, and we welcome those who may be coming back.

109 years is a huge achievement. It is a long time, a lot of history and a lot of traditions.  It is our job to keep them strong and continuing!

Go after the doors that are open to you. That has always been my motto. Embrace the opportunities that seem to be good and work hard to make them a reality. Try to make good decisions and hopefully all of it will pay off at some point.

The past two years have been filled with decisions, and I would like to sincerely thank the Executive Board, Board of Governors, our Chair people as well as the entire membership for their support of the German Hungarians.

In addition, I would like to thank the other clubs here tonight for being our friends and supporting us.  It is important that we continue to work independently and together in the German American community. 

As a Club, we must continue to embrace opportunities and always do what is best for the German Hungarians.

So my friends, please enjoy the evening, our dancers and the Heimatklaenge. 

Let’s celebrate 109 years of continuing our proud traditions.

Janet Fricker Malofiy, President

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