Carrot Soup – in the Kitchen with Jenn

There are many theories about how the Easter Bunny came to be in America. My favorite is that the Easter Bunny was brought to America in the 1700s by German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania. Today, bunnies are the most prominent symbol of the holiday. When I think of Easter, I think of bunnies and when I think of bunnies, I think of carrots. Carrots are my favorite springtime ingredient and one of the most popular Easter side dishes. I have been testing out recipes in preparation for Easter and so far the best has been Barbara Schlosser Hill’s (Schwaben Club, Kitchener, ON) Carrot Soup.  

Barbara’s soup is a fresh new way to incorporate carrots into your Easter meal. It has just a few simple ingredients and cooks up in 30 minutes. It is bright and festive in color and rich and savory with a subtle sweetness. Although the hint of sweetness in the soup may make you think the carrots were roasted, there is no need to tie up your oven with that extra step. All of the ingredients are simmered together in one pot. After the ingredients have been simmered, the soup is pureed and it is Barbara’s use of rice that gives the soup its richness.  

I served Barbara’s Carrot Soup with Felizitas Sudendorf’s (S.C. Grün Weiss) Easter Braided Bread or Oster Stritzel found on page 175 of the Landesverband Frauengruppe Cookbook. The recipe makes a large braided nest that can be filled with Easter eggs and used as a centerpiece on your table. It is sweet enough to be used at brunch or as a dessert. The sweet bread paired beautifully with the soup, accenting the natural sweetness of the carrots. 

Both of these recipes are perfect for a holiday meal because they can be made in advance. The soup is quick to make is just as vibrant and delicious when reheated the next day. It is the ultimate make-ahead Easter appetizer.  

By Jenn Lineman Blank

Carrot Soup (Karotten Suppe)  

¼ cup butter  ¾ cups rice  

1 medium onion                2 tablespoons chicken bouillon mix 

5 cups water                salt and pepper to taste  

2 ½ cups carrots sliced 

In a medium saucepan met the butter and sauté onions until tender. When tender, add the water, carrots, rice and bouillon mix. Bring this to a boil. Cover and simmer for about 25-30 minutes. Blend vegetable mixture until smooth (use blender container for easier blending). Add salt to taste. Should make 4-5 servings. Serve with rolls.  

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