Major Women win United Soccer League of PA Division Championship

Three years ago, my dad Steve and I rebuilt this team from the ground up. When bringing together a group of girls from all different walks of life, many of them not knowing each other, we wanted to create an outlet for girls to continue to play soccer post college. This turned into something so much more for all of us involved over the past three years. The connection between every girl on the team has grown into strong a friendship and Sundays have become a day everyone on the team looks forward too.  

When starting the Fall season in 2018, you could feel the energy was different. The past two years we’ve come out on the higher end of league, but this Fall you could feel each player WANTED to win. Our wins this year were a team effort. There was never one key player to our success. Goals were scored from multiple players, girls were always willing to play other positions when needed, and the support we provide each other during game day is truly what makes our team successful. Our league win was so much more this year than just being good players and a good team; we won this year because of our chemistry and support for one another on and off the field. I’m so thankful for every single one of these girls choosing to play for the United German Hungarians.  

Michelle Paul 

Steve Paul, COACH:  

The team is a group of very talented young woman that are all very coachable, dedicated and just a lot of fun to be around. Michelle deserves all the credit for building this team and I take it over on game day. Three years ago, practically no one knew each other and now this team is a team in the true meaning of the word. We make all our decisions as a team and our process gets results. In 3 years, our league record is 27 wins, 9 losses, 9 ties. I cannot say enough good things about this group, we all get along so well which transfers to results on the field. Can’t wait for start of the season in September. 

Courtney Weidner #8: 

Soccer is a game of passion, emotion, excitement and dedication. Since joining UGH three years ago, I’ve experienced all of the above. Although some games were difficult, both physically and mentally, in the end, it was worth it. After a rookie season to a season full of draws, we stopped playing for ourselves and started playing for the other 22 women wearing that jersey. With the talent and camaraderie among this group of women, nothing is unattainable. As the saying goes, “you get out what you put in” and for us that meant confidence in one another, commitment and love for the game and the sheer dedication to be nothing short of the best. 

Jenna Dubs (C) #12: 

I enjoy playing for UGH because it’s a lot of fun to play with people that not only enjoy the sport but are genuinely good people. I joined this team not knowing anyone, and now have a group of amazing friends! 

Allison Barker #2: 

I love playing for UGH – we are a mini family who support each other on and off the field. I am so glad I found these ladies and got to bring soccer back into my life. I look forward to Sundays when we all get together on the field! Shout out to Coach Steve and to the club for all they do to support us! 

Erin Casey #23: 

Since joining the team 2 years ago, I’ve been able to experience how this group of girls truly support each other and how great the team chemistry is day in and day out. My most meaningful example of how thoughtful and supportive this team is occurred when the team all signed and sent a “Get Well Soon” card to my house after I tore my ACL. All the moments like this have led to a close-knit, cohesive team that all work well together to achieve the final goal of winning the championship!! Couldn’t be more blessed to be part of such a great team. 

Jen South #3: 

This team is a home away from home for me. I look forward to Sundays and being able to play soccer with such a wonderful group of girls and having the best fans cheering for us. We all come because we truly love the game and that really shows on the field. The connection we all have is amazing. We are at such a busy time in our lives and we are lucky enough that every single girl on this team is capable of playing pretty much any position and will give it their all. We all push each other to be the best we can be and we challenge ourselves off season. This is truly a one of a kind team and I am blessed to be a part of it and to be able to continue playing this wonderful game. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: Michelle put this article together with words coming from the players themselves. Thanks go to her for that as this means so much more from the people that did the work and won the league. As German Hungarians we are proud of our teams because they continue our traditions and winning the United Soccer League of Pennsylvania is a Major Accomplishment! Congratulations! 

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