Gaufest in Washington DC, 2019

“Not everyone gets to do something they love to do and with a group of their close friends and family,” said Nichole Blank Deely, the coach of our Gruppen Preisplatteln Team. On Sunday afternoon in Washington, DC at the Hilton she reminded us of all who we are as she gestured in her own unique way to what was written on her t-shirt, “Deutsch-Ungarn.”

As a theme for the weekend of the Gaufest I think Nichole’s words ring truer than any I could have conjured up. If you were there with us you probably already understand that, and if you were not, hopefully the story that follows will give you an idea.

On Wednesday, July 3rd and Thursday, July 4th our members started to make their way to Washington, DC, some by car, others by train, and a healthy sized group by bus that left from Trifecta Sporting Club. Thank you to Cindy for seeing us off and letting us leave our cars in the parking lot over the weekend. It’s a wonderful thing that no matter where we are in the world, we always know we have a home with friends in Oakford.

Thursday night is sort of that meet and greet evening where everyone is finding the lay of the land, checking into hotel rooms, moving around luggage, seeing old friends and maybe making some new ones as well. This was also when our group set up and moved into what would be our home clubhouse for the weekend, our wonderfully legendary “Bullshit Room.” Let me say that the room this year was a great one! (Thanks Karen David). It was a great room because of the layout and how we put it to use. But really its great because of all the people we fill it with accordion players, dancers, friends, families, Gaufest hosts, Donald Trump himself, and of course the German Hungarians. The group we had on the trip was one of the best we had in a while!

Friday is the long haul. Einzel dancing drives us from dawn till dusk it feels like. We had many couples perform individual dances with members of our own club as well as with a few friends from other clubs across the country. Oh, and our children dancers put on their best and did the best job we could have asked for. They as our future certainly made every German Hungarian Proud. On Sunday when the prizes were announced we were proud that Jakob Hubert placed 2nd in age group 12-15, Janet Fricker Malofiy placed 2nd in age group 50-59, and Paul Ulrich Jr. placed 1st in age group 35-49.

Saturday morning is the start of the big day. Dancing the Heidauer, group number 7 would have to put on their best performance but not before two of our members performed a wonderful dance as part of the Warm-Up Group. Kyra Malofiy and Allyssa Schulz-Fricker danced beautifully. As a club it is a feather in our cap that we have members that step up when asked to help. It’s a testament to who we are as a club that Allyssa and Kyra took part in this group and did a great job as well. Kudos also go to Alex Blank for helping to organize the group ahead of time.

When it came time for our team to perform, they were ready and confident when they stepped through the hall door and made their way on the floor. They danced like German Hungarians and made us proud in doing so. After they came off the dance floor, we gathered the ranks in the hallway outside and together shared a drink celebrating the team, and the club’s good work. Something we can easily forget is that in groups of large people that come together for a common goal, each and every person does their part. We may only put eleven players on a soccer field, or four couples on a dance floor, but the greater force of people are most definitely part of our perpetual team!

On Saturday evening the parade of flags saw our colors carried majestically by Danny Galgon our Fahnentrager. Near the front of the line, we cheered when our flag waived and our banners carried by Sasha Malofiy Jr., streamed out with excitement. Banquet dinner led us to
dancing and fun after event parties.

Sunday at the Picnic our women dressed in their new Blue Danube tracht and looked wonderful. Our larger group of dancers performed Ländler Potpourri as our Ehrentanz. When the prizes were called the German Hungarians won the Meist Prize, awarded to the club that brought the most people to the event. Once again, this year, our club took 4th place, our friends from Bayern Verein Newark, again placed 5th. The top three were, 3. SVV Original Enzian; 2. SG Edelweiss, St. Paul; 1. GTV Almrausch. Congratulations all.

Christmas in July was the farewell party and Die Schlauberger rocked the house as usual. Tis the season as they say.

Though results are not always in our favor, we had a wonderful time at the Gaufest in Washington, DC. Alt Washingtonia and all their members should be proud of the event they hosted. One thing is absolutely true as we look back on our weekend; The United German Hungarians, culturally and socially are strong and united and will be here and continuing proud traditions for many many years to come.

-Michael N. Fricker

2019 Preisplattler Team:

  • Alex Blank – Karina Fricker
  • Danny Galgon – Michelle Paul
  • Sasha Malofiy – Emma Walter
  • Werner Fricker III – Allysa Reiter
  • Nichole Deely, Coach
  • Michael Fricker – Kristen Reiter, Alternates
  • Jason Noel – Jenn Blank, Alternates
  • Dino Jakovasic, On Accordion

The top five ranked clubs were as follows:

  1. GTV Almrausch, Philadelphia, PA
  2. SG Edelweiss, St. Paul, MN
  3. SVV Original Enzian, Franklin Park, NY
  4. United German Hungarians, Oakford, PA
  5. Bayern Verein Newark, Union, NJ

In addition to this group achievement three of our dancers won individual awards:

  • Jakob Hubert (Ages 12-15): 2nd Place
  • Paul Ulrich Jr. (Ages 35-49): 1st Place
  • Janet Malofiy (Ages 50-59): 2nd Place

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