What Have You Been Up To?, by Michael Fricker

It’s been going around that in this social distancing, lockdown, quarantine, & solitary confinement, people are either going to come out fantastic chefs or….with a dependency on alcohol.

Some might already be fantastic chefs and we hope none of our members come down with the other option.

All jokes aside, not being able to have our usual routines has given time to us all that we didn’t have before. Some folks are cooking through their favorite cookbooks, baking wonderful pretzels, cookies, cakes and more. Others are trying to stay fit, practicing mixology, catching up on reading, tv shows, movies, and documentaries they didn’t previously have time for.

While I think I’d like everyone to be healthy and safe and also get back to living our lives with family and friends, events, and socialization, I think that maybe we all needed this little break to rest and remind us of what is important. (Hopefully that rest is finished soon!)

We’ve got some good chores done around our house, made some good meals, baked a little and found new ways to connect without being physically together.

Its been difficult for me and those that help me to come up with content to fill these pages. You will have noticed that the Progress has been less than Monthly for some time. Here’s where you can help.

The more content the better and easier! Tell us what you have been up to lately! Write an article about the things you’ve cooked or the ways you have connected. Tell your story and we will help you share it with all our friends and members.

Email mfricker92@hotmail.com and we will include your content in the next issue.

Michael N. Fricker

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