In Memoriam: Andy Weyershaeuser Sr.

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Andy Weyershaeuser Sr. Please keep his family especially Regina in your prayers.

Andy was born in Philadelphia. As a small boy of 8 years his father and mother announced their decision to return to their native Country of Germany, and in April of 1941 they left Philadelphia. Spending his youth and formative years in Europe during the turmoil of the war, and in post war Germany was very difficult. Especially as an American in Germany and in the post war Russian Zone.

The Germans called him an “AMI,” the Russians an “Amerikanski.” In Germany at age 18, Andy as an American Citizen Joined the US Army. In 1950 he returned to the United States and in 1951 was sent to fight in Korea. In Korea his fellow soldiers called him a “Kraut.” In 1952 he was seriously wounded in combat, he makes light of this and has said he simply forgot to duck, but Andy is a decorated US Soldier and a very proud American.

He returned to Germany briefly in 1953 and that same year he returned to his homeland the USA. He first visited the United German Hungarian Club in 1957 and met his wife Regina on a later visit to the Club at a Night in Vienna. Regina was an active member of the sport club as a dancer. Andy briefly played the Bass in a small Zither band in Philadelphia. On an evening in a local tavern he met John Galgon, within days he would join the Die Heimatklänge – HK where he would play music for over 40 years. His talents as a musician and singer are evident in the great recordings by the HK Orchestra, the HK Brass band and later the HK Brass Ensemble. He and Regina were members of the G.T.V. Almrausch for several years where Andy would learn and master The Schuhplattler Dance.

Through the years he became active in many activities and committees here at the club. He coached youth soccer teams in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s where his sons Andy and Kurt would excel. He was injured breaking his leg while working at the club during the rebuilding of the clubhouse after the fire. He was a coach of the first youth team to play in Waldhausen Germany in 1973, and in 1978 he organized a trip for the Junior and Major Teams to play in Germany.

At the request of the cultural committee he began to teach the Schuhplattler to the boys in the group. This led to the formation of the German Hungarian Schuhplattlers in 1976. He has supported this group in all of their efforts and was awarded an honorary Preisplattling gold medal from the group in 1999.

Andy served on the Board of Governors and served as secretary and then chairman of the Board through 1980. In 1980 Andy became President of the United German Hungarians. I believe he is the only non schwope to have served in that position. He has a unique love for our German Hungarian Customs and traditions he has worked tirelessly to uphold them, Frank Schiller once said Andy is a True German Hungarian and Andy is very proud to be considered one of us. As president he led us to become members of the Landesverband der Donauschwaben USA and also became active in representing us in their meetings. He presided over many activities surrounding the German American tri-centennial in 1983. In 1980 Andy was a recipient of the Club’s Ehrenwurdig pin.

He was part of a group, who worked to organize the first 3 Day Kirchweih Festivals in 1974 and in 1982 when the fest needed to be improved he recruited key people and the fest was revitalized. As president he involved young people, he appointed many of us to key positions delegating serious responsibilities to us. This is most definitely his greatest contribution, he had faith that the younger generation could succeed, and understood that in order for our organization to succeed in the future the next generation had to be involved. The people whom he involved then would drive the organization for next 25 years.

He was deeply involved in planning and organizing the “Night in Vienna” and the “Viennese Ball” for many years. He served on the 1994 Fahnenweihe Committee where he acted as liaison to our flags manufacturer in Germany. He served on the 19. Gaufest Hosting Committee. He was again elected to serve on the BOG and in 2000 he became acting chairman and then Chairman in 2001. He served in that position until 2004. He has organized our older members to take on many repair and maintenance projects; he has been active in fundraising for grounds and fields and other areas. He was an active supporter of our soccer team’s youth and adult with many players knowing him fondly as “Opa.”

In 2010 on the occasion of our club’s 100th Anniversary Andy was presented with a “Lifetime Service Award” for dedication to serving the goals and objectives of our Club for his entire adult life.

Andy Weyershaeuser passed away on the morning of December 2, 2020. He will be sorely missed by friends, family, and German-Hungarians everywhere.

(Adapted from a bio written in 2010 by Werner Fricker Jr.)

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