All in a Soccer Sunday, by Michael Fricker

I remember when we sold the property and the building in Neshaminy Falls, a few well meaning, but small-minded folks did not understand why we would do such a thing and even assumed the settlement of that transaction as a death knell for the United German Hungarians of Philadelphia and Vicinity.  

I do not seek out these I-told-you-so-moments, but when one comes along, and some experience inspires me it is a guilty pleasure of mine to put my fingers to the keyboard and say just that; Boy, were they wrong! 

On Sunday, April 18, all three of our German Hungarian Soccer teams had United Soccer League of Pennsylvania matches and all three were played at the Phoenix Sport Club in Trevose. At noon, the Major II took on the Phoenix Reserves, and the Major Woman played Danubia. At 2:30pm the Major Division Men then played Phoenix Majors. The three matches ended up with 3 different results for our German Hungarians. The Major II match ended in a loss to Phoenix. The Women tied Danubia 1:1. But in the end the Major Men won out over the home team 4:1.  

A win is always a pleasant thing, but the results aside, a wonderful day of local amateur soccer took place, a healthy number of our members, and friends came out to support all three of our teams, and it was a beautiful albeit a little chilly day for soccer!  

When the afternoon wound down and I drove my car home along with Allyssa and Michael K, I began thinking about writing this little piece about a great social and sports day for our club. Now as I end this passage the thought comes to mind, that it matters not where we are, but that we stay together.  

Michael N. Fricker 

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