Spring Penny Party 2021 by Marlene Fricker

The Women’s Auxiliary of the United German Hungarians is happy to report that we were able to host a Spring Penny Party. This being our first Penny Party since the fall of 2019 due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are happy that we were able to get together.

    Although a number of restrictions had been lifted, we were still under constraints and conditions that gave us a challenge in preparing and hosting. In particular acquiring a location. We were able to choose the First German Sport Club Phoenix in Feasterville, just around the corner from our former location, and we then decided to host outdoors. A big thank you to Ruth Herbert, who was the liaison we worked with at Phoenix. She was welcoming, helpful and made the transition to this outdoor site a breeze.

      I am thrilled to report that we had a decent number of guests, and that they were all enthused with the site and pleased to be able to get together again. 

    We had a large crew of helpers, ages 6 to 63. Thanks to all of them, because without all that help, we would not have been able to set up, run the event, and tear down with the ease that it was. Also, thanks to the men who assisted with table set up the week before.

     Lastly, I wanted to thank our seniors who stepped down this year for everything they have done for the Women’s events over the past forty plus years. They paved a way for us to be able to continue in their proud traditions. Thanks Ladies!!!

Marlene Fricker

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