At the CVV Biergarten, by Michael Fricker

Friday, June 4 saw Die Heimatklaenge Orchestra at the Cannstatter Biergarten. Naturally, our members dusted off their beer drinking mugs and descended on Northeast Philadelphia for the evening.

Worries that rain would hinder the fun we’re doused when a quick and early storm made way for clear skies and great weather the remainder of the evening.

Five days off a win at the US National Donauschwaben Tournament the Major Team brought the Mike Talan Cup for their fellow members to see. GM, Werner III was sure to delegate duties of keeping an eye on the hardware to a few trusted board members while our players danced away to the variety of HK tunes.

A few of our younger dance group members helped the players with their rhythm and even put on a clinic in waltz and polka steps.

Cannstatter puts on a wonderful event in a happy atmosphere! The Bitburgers and Warsteiner Oktoberfests were cold and tasted great. I overheard someone biting into their cheeseburger complete with sesame seed bun say, “this just might be the best burger I’ve ever had.” After a few more Bitburgers however the same voice said “this just might be the best Burger…” so they may not be that reliable of a source.

It was an all-ages group of German Hungarians that attended. It’s difficult to turn down an event like that for our folks especially when the HK are playing. I’m glad to have attended. I don’t like when events come towards their end. It’s hard for me to leave when it’s time to go. Yet walking towards my car I could still hear the last number from the band playing in the park. Over my shoulder the biergarten lights glowed. Here and there between the lyrics of the song I heard laughter of my friends. I smiled and at once I decided that an event coming to an end for me in that manner I’d take any time.

Michael N. Fricker

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