Planning, Preparing, Postponing, by Michael Fricker

We all may not realize how much effort goes in to planning a trip even a day trip. By now many in our ranks are experts at packing up our teams, our members, our dance group and taking it on the road. In fact, taking it on the road is an important part of all the aspects of what we do. (Next time you see Werner Fricker Jr. ask him to explain on the road vs. at home. I’d do it here, but I couldn’t do his verbal explanation justice.)

Besides coordinating with a bus company, planning refreshments, rallying the players, members and dancers, there is requesting permission to travel from the state association by formal letter I might add. In addition, there’s coordinating with our opponent, in the most recent case which took upwards of 10+ years to make happen. These days there’s figuring out where we will all meet the coach bus and collecting the always important fees to go along.

With all that in mind, Sunday August 22 was a reminder that even with all the planning, organizing and preparations some act of God can postpone the whole thing. On Saturday the 21, it was looking like rain, thunder and lightning would put a damper on our Sunday and that’s just what happened. The trip, the match and the camaraderie had to be postponed and while we never are happy to not do something we planned our leaders committed to looking for a time to get our team on a field together with Hoboken. Thanks to Hoboken, our members, team, and our bus company for their flexibility. Here’s to next time!

Michael N. Fricker

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